My job is closing for 2 months for renovations and i will be out of a job, can i collect unemployment?

If i cant collect unemployment can i do anything else, i dont think anyone will hire me for only 2 months and im not technically losing my job, im just going to be out of work for 2 months.
I’m not leaving, when they reopen i plan on going back, so i will still be on file as an employee, so im not sure if it counts as losing my job.

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can i collect unemployment until my first paycheck at a new job in vermont?

i’ve been unemployed for a few months, i start my new job today and my unemployment check comes tomorrow, i was just wondering if i am able to collect unemployment until my first paycheck? we get paid weekly, but i still wont have any money for two weeks, and if it was bi-weekly, i’d be broke for 3 weeks… soooooo..although i feel i should be entitled to benefits until my first paycheck, i don’t wanna get screwed in the long run.

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Can you get unemployment benefits after a seasonal job ends?

Hello I was just wondering if you can get unemployment benefits after a seasonal job ends? This seasonal job was only 4 months and I live in California.

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Can I collect unemployment with a part time job in the state of mississppi?

I have a part time job that i may get 50 hours per month, and I get paid once a month. My full time job may be closing soon. We signed independent contractor forms but are still paid hourly and dictated to. I started getting taxes taken out of my check this year. would I still be able to get unemployment?

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How long do you have to have worked in California before being eligible for get unemployment after job-loss?

I worked for a company for 2 months, then was terminated due to downsizing. I am actively looking for work, but I haven’t been able to find any for some time. Thank you to anyone who is nice enough to answer seriously.

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Is it even worth looking for a job with all the unemployment?

I lost my bar-hand job to a Mexican who works for $2 an hour. Unemployment is huge and it seems to only be getting worse. Is it even worth bothering looking for a new one or should I just start selling shit.

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Can you collect unemployment if you get a job?

I was wondering if you can still collect unemployment once you start a new job. My intent isn’t to be dishonest, but I won’t have any income until I get my first real check.

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getting fired from a part time job and unemployment?

i have a full time job (3rd grade teacher) but i was working a part time job to make extra money. anyway, i got fired from part time gig – can i collect unemployment?

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how do I get my unemployment back after quitting a job after a week ?

I took a job and after I was there a week, they put me on night shift. My wife works night shift and as we still have a son at home I decided to quit , believing that I could get my unemployment benefits because of the distance alone. It was over 100 miles round trip and this wasn’t interstate driving. It took me about an hour and a half to get there. I am still actively looking for work but in the mean time we are getting behind on…


How to collect unemployment if you quit your job?

I have a friend that has been working for over 5 years for a large casino corp.
This co. fights just about every unemployment case, wither the person quits or gets fired.
My friend would like to be seperated from this co.in a way which he can collect unemployment benifits while looking for a more stable job.
What are some ways he can seperate from this co. and still be elagable for benifits?

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