Can I collect unemployment if my job is calssified as surplus and receive a buy out form the company?

My job is being surplussed, and the company has offered a volentary buy out. If I take the buyout am I able to collect unemployment ?

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If I turn down a job offer, can I still continue collecting unemployment?

I have been on unemployment for a few months now. I was offered a job yesterday, but the hours don’t really fit my schedule (two eleven hour days, two six hour days). If I have to, I can find a way to make it work, but I would rather not. If I turn down the job, can I continue collecting unemployment? By the way, this is in Washington State.

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How much is an unemployment check? There will be more job cuts at my place of employment?

They have layed off a bunch of people at my job and they are probably going to do more cuts. I just want to know how much I can expect to get from an unemployment check? I know it won’t be the same amount as my actual work paycheck.

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Will I qualify for unemployment compensation if I leave my job for ethical reasons?

I need to leave my job as soon as possible because the things that are being done there are no necessarily legal. I have not engaged in any illegal or unethical behavior but I know that my employer has. This is a small business (10 employees) and I am concerned that if I stay I will be expected to be involved in these illegal activities. If I leave for ethical reasons would I still qualify to get unemployment compensation in the state of Pennsylvania?

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if you are injured off the job can you get unemployment benefits in Massachusetts?

I slipped on the ice at home and HAVE to take a Leave of Absence from my job, can I qualify for unemployment?

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If I get a job before my unemployment appeal hearing, will I get my back weeks of pay?

I appealed my unemployment due to the fact that they disqualified me because I have one class during the week for an hour. I am still waiting for the appeal hearing, but they told me to continue filing for every week I didn not work (about 8 weeks). Since I got a job, does that mean that I showed I was available to look for work and I will get my backpay?

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Can you resume unemployment if you leave a job in its 90 day probationary period?

Before accepting my current position, I was receiving unemployment. I was told by the hiring manager that commission would be a large percentage of my weekly paycheck. After accepting the position I found out that I had to split this commission with 3 other people, which was not disclosed to me at that time. With the above scenario, could this be an acceptable reason to resume unemployment benefits until I found another job?

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If you get laid off from your full time job, can you collect unemployment if you still have your parttime job?

My part time job is coaching high school athletics, doesn’t pay much, but i do it for fun. i just got laid of from my real job creating a huge gap in my money flow. can I still file for unemployment and keep my part time job?

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Can you ask to be laid off from your job and still collect unemployment?

Some one at my job was to be moved to day shift. He said no way and asked to be laid off and was giving unemployment

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Can my husband receive unemployment because my job is moving us to another state?

We currently live in Dallas and are moving to Tampa next month. Can my husband receive unemployment because we are moving due to my transfer? Does anyone know? Would he file in Texas or in Florida?

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