Just got fired from a job. can I collect unemployment due to poor performance?

The accusations were blown up and were very pety. I did not violate any rules. It was a three month program for improvement of performance. I did everything they asked of me. I really tried hard to keep that job. I worked there for 8 months. Will I be able to draw unemployment? I need the hardcore facts of reality, no matter how bad the news is to my legal rights of what to do. I plan to go to school and work on my masters.

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How do I cancel unemployment now that I have a job?

I just got hired for a new job. The job doesnt start until June 8th. How do I continue to claim unemployment until I begin working? More specifically how do I fill out the form when I havent been looking for work?

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will I lose my unemployment insurance if I refuse a job I never applied for?

If a job is offered that was never sought, and conditions are attached to it, can it be refused without losing unemployment insurance benefits? The BIG condition is to be accepted for the job, you must agree to cross union workers’ picket lines in the event of a strike. The company is presently into the 13th week of contract negotiations.

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If I quit my job to go to school can I collect Unemployment?

I was collecting unemployment when I began a job 3 weeks ago. Now what would happen if I quit my current job to go to school? Could I re-start my old claim from my previous job?

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If I quit my job can I be elegiable for unemployment?

They have dropped my hours soo low I am only on for 14 hours the next 2 weeks. I have already started looking for another job but have not found one yet. If I quit can I collect unemployment untill I find a job? I live in Missouri if that helps.

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If my job was eliminated but I have a part time job – should I still collect unemployment?

My job was eliminated on 1/31/08 but I also have a part time job. I was told that when I apply for unemployment from my primary job which was eliminated, the part time job would also be alerted and I am not sure how it works but that they would be part of the calculation. I don’t want them to think that they will have to pay me unemployment so have been scared to apply but could use the money. Should I still apply and risk them firing me from…


Are you eligible for unemployment if you leave the job to move to another state.?

My friend’s wife wants to move to another state because she got an offer for the job she really wanted. My friend has to leave (quit his job) in order to move with her in the other state.Will my friend be eligible for unemployment, if he files for it. They live in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

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Is it better to take a part time job but still collecting Unemployment funds to make them last longer or not?

I have been looking for a job for about 5 months now and I was making $13.50 an hour. I only have about 2 more months left of my unemployment funds left. So I am thinking of getting a part time job for only $7.22 and hour. Is this a bad idea?

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Can I qualify for unemployment if I get laid off from my full time job but still have a part time job?

I have a full-time 40 hours a week job. I also work a part-time job 5-8 hours a week just for a bit of extra income. Would I become ineligible for unemployment from my full-time job because I still have the other job?

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Can I collect unemployment if I quit my job in wyoming?

My employer is so hard up that they are paying me an average of 1 1/2 weeks late. (Never know when I get paid if my check is going to bounce.) Paychecks are bi-monthly. Also they are being sued by both vendors and customers. If I quit my job will this be a valid reason to collect unemployment while I am looking for a new job.

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