If you work your butt off, only to lose your job and collect unemployment, how is that seen as a “handout”?

Especially by conservatives whom don’t have a *clue* as to what unemployment benefits are, how they are structured, and what it means to the jobless worker who is out of work and having to find another job?

Do they even know what a ‘safety net’ really means?

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Will my Unemployment benefits continue if I find a job and then quit that job within a month?

I’m in between jobs right now because of lay off and qualified to receive unemployment check. I will not get the benefit until four weeks from now? If I find a retail job and quit after a month will I continue to receive an unemployment check? I would ask the agency but they are closed right now. I wonder if someone on Answers had experienced unemployment who could help me.

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Am I eligible for unemployment after a temporary job has ended its term? What are the unemployment guidelines?

i have two jobs, and 1 will be ending soon, the other will have a later end date. both are temporary positions, and thus have end dates. will i be able to collect unemployment until i find something new? thank you

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in what cases can you get fired for a job and still collect unemployment?

I hate my job and I really want to quit but my friend said to get fired and then I can collect unemployment if I can’t find a job right away. is this true? i thought you had to be laid off or something to collect.
first of all i did not say this is what i was going to do i was just asking because i’ve never tried to collect unemployment before. i am looking for another job so this might not even be an issue. thanks you…


What will happen if I continue to certify for unemployment benefits after I get a job?

I got a job, but i dont make alot of money, and its so helpful to have the unemployment checks….what can i do to keep both or what will happen if i get caught?

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can you reapply to unemployment after you quit your job?

If you quit your job can reapply to unemployment for benefits after a time period?

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I am being laid off and I plan on collecting unemployment. Until I find a new job can I freelance?

I live in Indiana and I am being laid off from a full time position so I will be eligible for unemployment. Until I find a new full-time job, can I look for freelance work? I understand I have to report all work/wages I would earn from freelancing (and it would most likely be deducted from my unemployment benefits) but is it okay to freelance since in essence I would be self employed?

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Can I get unemployment from a part time job?

I started a seasonal job a few weeks ago then broke my hip at home. Can, should, I apply for unemployment benefits while I’m on crutches? If so, where do I start?

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Can I get unemployment benefit in CA after graduation and no job?

I graduated in June but have been unable to find a job. Do I qualify for unemployment benefits. I worked last summer (Jul-Sep 2007) and so earned enough to qualify for unemployment benefit. While I quit that job voluntarily, I am currently looking for a job and unable to find one.

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Can i file for unemployment for losing a part time job and still working at a full time job?

I live in wisconin. I work a full time job and a part time job. My part time job is making big cuts and laying off left and right. If i get the ax am i able to claim unemployment? I work 40 hours at my full time job and 29 hours at my part time job every week.

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