what is resume? can you give me a sample of resume and its format? thanks?

sample resume and format…..for job application

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Sample Resume Objective

When creating a resume, one of the most important aspects is the resume objective. Employers get hundreds of resumes whenever they place an add for a job and unless you put down your employment objective in your resume, the document that you worked so hard to produce may end up by the wayside.

There are many different sample resume objective forms that you can use,. The resume objective is simply what you wish to accomplish by sending the company your resume. In most cases, the objective is to get…


Where can I find a basic resume sample?

Where can I find sample resumes for young people like myself that don’t have a specific career goal? The sample resumes I’ve found are mostly professional. I’m just trying to make up a nice resume that will help my chances of getting hired but I’m not aiming for any job in particular. Any suggestions?

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What Not to Say in Your Resume

Drafting the perfect resume can be as much about not saying the wrong things as about stating the right ones. There are certain things that have no place in your resume and you should take care to exclude these elements from your resume.

Mistakes of Spelling, Grammar and Syntax: Your resume should be correct and flawless in terms of grammar and syntax, which, can really destroy that all important first impression that the resume makes. Computer programs such as Word have made it quite easy for us…


How Important Is A Cover Letter With Your Resume ?

It would be hard to image someone ignoring a vital piece of information that could make the difference between getting an interview, or having their resume tossed into the nearest trash can. Yet many people elect not to include this document along with their resume.

They choose not to include a cover letter. Cover letters are your introduction to the employer. They show intent, as well as showing that you have actually read the job posting. They catch the employer’s eye which could mean getting that life-changing…


Hi can some body send me a resume for HR and Recruiter.?

I am looking fo rthe job in HR as well as Recruiting so please if some body can send me the sample resume for the same.

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Entry level Teacher resume/cover letter and useful information?

I am planning to go to south korea to teach English….i’ll be graduating in may…..bs in urban studies…I would like info on website with free sample resume and cover letter that can convert my academic skills into experience because i do not have actual experience. I would also appreciate any info from people who have experienced this type of teaching. What is it like and what to look foward to. Thanks

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Words You Should Avoid In Your Resume

We all probably know that the resume formats that we send out are what will make or break the professional relationship that we want to create with a potential employer. Even before you have actually met a person, the sample resume could be the reason that you either do or do not get that all important interview call. There are certain words, phrases and writing styles that you would do well to avoid using in your resume sample:

Don’t use old fashioned, flowery…


Any good resume and cover letter writers for a Nursing position? Need your advice.?

I’ve been working at the same hospital for over 7 years now and decided to get a second part time/ prn position for another facility. Never had to write a resume because i would always be promoted by transfering into the position. I have made a sample resume while in school, but never realy used it, probably would have never got me a job anyways. I need something that will say ” I am best qualified for this position “. Does any one have a sample of their resume posted…


Sample Cover Letters Teacher

The internet is flooded with hundreds of resume samples, which is one less worry. However, to make your resume professional and effective, you need to understand the importance of layout and wording. As you will discover in this article, there are a number of tips to provide you with the extra help needed when using a sample resume.

Resume Creator Click here

You need to know what works and what does not work when creating a resume. Chances are, you have been sending out resume after resume without much…


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