What should a cover letter say when I’m not applying for a specific job?

I want to send a resume to a company in my field. However there isn’t a specific job that I’m aplying to. I’m not exactly sure how I should start it. Typically I start my cover letters with I’m applying for so and so….and obviously that will not work this time around.


Student Resume-What should you know before you write?

A resume of the students do not differ much in content and writing. A resume of the students should be written with a little care and originality. Never lie on the experience or skills makeup. A student resume is not usually a long manuscript. It is rather a short document that must be planned, organized and well written. There are several things that need to be supported in writing a student resume. Using good keywords, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, it should be. Even should focus on the use of font…


What should I do about this job search situation?

I’ve posted my resume online. Let me start with telling you about me. I am ethnic. My first name is French and my last name is Spanish. Well, I got an email today about a few jobs I am qualified for but the company says they a black professional networking community.

Should I apply for these positions? Do you think because of my ethnic sounding name, they contacted me?


should i put lay off as the reason for leaving in job resume?

I’ve been laid off due to economic reasons a number of times because of this crappy economy. Should i put that down as the reason for leaving on a resume or should i not even put a reason for leaving until they ask me?


I have not had a job for 7 years and am now looking. How should I address this in my cover letter or resume?

I have not worked for the last 7 years and am now looking for a job. How should I address this. Should I put something in my cover letter when I send out a resume? I have not had a traditional job, but have been helping my husband with his company, managing an office building we own and have an ebay store.
I have lots of experience especially in aerospace


Landing a New Job- 5 Steps you Should Follow Before Submitting your Resume

Everyone knows that a resume is the key to job hunting success.  A resume will let potential employers know that you are interested in their position and inform them of your qualifications.  While a resume can be a powerful tool to help you land your next job, it can also ruin your chances of ever getting an interview.  To ensure that your resume is working for you rather than against you, always follow these 5 steps before submitting your resume to a potential employer.

Proofread.  This simple step is…


Have a job interview and bringing my resume, should I put a cover letter on it?

Have a job interview with Michelin (Manufacturing) and have done their testing and applications thought unemployment office, and want to bring my resume but not sure how i should word the cover letter if at all. As far as I know this is NOT the decision maker so should I word it as if I am introducing myself for the first time?

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What Schools Should be Teaching


Don’t get me wrong, I believe most public schools are doing a great job. I, for one, loved my high school and everything I learned there. But because the world is changing and always evolving, there should be some new subjects taught in high schools—at least in optional classes. Here are a few topics that schools should consider teaching in order to help the students be ready for the advancements in the outside world. This will help prepare them for jobs and experiences in related fields:


What job(s) should I look for?

Take a look at my resume and find any blemishes on it and tell me what job(s) I should apply for based on the information listed. See below.

Accounting and Finance/ Client Relations/ Administrative Support/ AR-AP
Entry Level


•VITA/TCE Certification
•Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
•Microsoft Word
•Excellent Customer Service
•Client Resolution
•Training Implementation
•Organizational Skills

Bachelor of Business AdministrationGraduated 12/2008
American InterContinental UniversityHoffman Estates, IL


When writing a resume, if you had only a few months military experience should you include that on the resume?

I’m helping someone write their resume and they have only 2 months in the Navy before they were discharged. Should I include this on the resume? Or if I do, is it going to lead someone to ask why were you only in the Navy for 2 months? They are looking for a tech support job, so it’s not military associated.

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