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Your Guide To Writing A Better Resume

There are as many opinions on the subject of resumes as there are job seekers! Some of the more popular opinions are centered on the use of objectives, summaries, profiles, title headings, keywords, reference statements, personal interests, salary history, dates, graphics, fonts, and of course, the length of the resume.

Then there is the question of format. Should the style of a resume be chronological, functional or combination? One thing is certain – the resume should sell a candidate’s strengths and qualifications, and answer a hiring manager’s question,…


Advantages Of Using A Professional Resume Writing Service

Your cover letter and resume is your poster child and the first impression on prospective employers. Starting from the cover letter, you need to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the open position and that you are really motivated to do exactly this job. You are not the only person sending application documents, most likely there are many resumes from your competitors the organization or company is going to receive. If you don’t write a cover letter and resume that stands out of the…


Job Search Haste Makes Waste — Of Your Time And Effort

As a resume writer, I often speak with clients who are burned out at work because they do it all and feel underpaid and under appreciated. They are tired, angry and confused about what their options are and remain in their prison-like situation for several years feeling stuck and powerless.

Then it happens. They have one of those days where they have just about had it! They grab the classified ads to find job listings that appeal to them and realize they need a resume in order to…


The Difference Between Creating and Typing Up A Resume

A resume writer has to size up a client’s professional life and career direction in short order. It is not always straightforward. A good resume writer will uncover accomplishments and provide consultation on career goals.

That said, it is difficult for a resume writer to answer the question,”How much do you charge to do a resume? This article will help you to see things from the perspective of a resume writer.

Let’s “listen in” on a call from a job seeker seeking to have his…


Sales Resume and Interview

A stellar sales resumes open doors to interviews. This sales resume video demonstrates the difference between a responsibility and an achievement. Examples of each are provided. To view resume samples from careerstrides visit: www.careerstrides.com
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The Crucial First Step in Resume Writing: Establishing your Focus

OBJECTIVE: A professional position with opportunities for advancement that will allow me to use the full range of my qualifications.

Wow! Could you imagine an objective that could be any less specific? But, as a professional resume writer, I can tell you that such a nebulous, non-specific resume objective is more common than it is not. This is one of the most frequent mistakes that I see people make on their resume.

Let me ask you: If you don’t know what you want and where you are…


Resume Writing Help

Writing a resume can seem to be a frustrating task especially if you have never written a resume before. Thankfully in the new age of technology there are several online websites that offer to help individuals with writing their resume. This is perfect for someone who is a novice at resume writing.

A resume writing website will ease the intimidation of writing an effective resume. It is often times difficult to know what to include in a resume or what to highlight or what to emphasize. The…


A Strong Cover Letter: The Solution to a Weak Resume

Most articles that attempt to give resume writing tips proceed on the assumption that the candidate is qualified and at the top of his or her game. But what if you don’t belong to that category? What if you were only average or even below average? How should you proceed? It is somewhat ironic that most resume tips are geared towards “strong” candidates as they are the ones who least need advice.

For the purposes of this article, let’s proceed on the assumption that you are a “weak” candidate.…


The Importance of Resume Samples

People looking for a new job or those who just want to be promoted, must definitely have at their disposal a professional resume. Although most people make their own resumes at home, the end product made by people who know exactly what they are doing will make a difference when you apply for a new job. Your resume needs to be perfect and to include all the essential things the employer is interested in.

The purpose of the resume is to show the reader that you have the necessary…


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