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Is it even worth looking for a job with all the unemployment?

I lost my bar-hand job to a Mexican who works for $2 an hour. Unemployment is huge and it seems to only be getting worse. Is it even worth bothering looking for a new one or should I just start selling shit.

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3 Responses to “Is it even worth looking for a job with all the unemployment?”

  1. Karen says:

    It is always worth looking for a job! Start by looking in the paper in the employment section or by looking at some online directories. Then, go to some of those places dressed up really nice (it can’t hurt to try!!!) and ask to fill out an application. Make sure to bring resumes with you. Also, if you see any other good looking places along the way, stop in and ask if they’re hiring. One reason people can’t find jobs is that they just aren’t trying hard enough. Don’t give up, and you’ll definitely find one!

  2. InspectorBudget says:

    Keep trying.

    All you need is ONE offer.

    At times like this, you need to be active and focused, not to give up and enter into a world of self-pity.

  3. Marc C says:

    You should definitely look. Somebody somewhere has an opening for a person with your skills. Companies are still hiring, it just takes more effort to find them these days. If you want to see what it’s like to work somewhere BEFORE you work there try for workplace ratings and reviews.