Can anyone without a job file for unemployment?

If someone has worked in the past but is currently without a job, can they get unemployment benefits or did they have to have been fired or laid off within a certain time?

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Can I quit my job and claim unemployment in Washington?

At my job I walk up and down stairs. My knee has develped Rheumatoid arthritis and I can hardly walk now although I am using a cane and still attempting to work 3 days a week. If I quit my job can I claim and receive unemployment til I find another job without stairs?

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Can i draw unemployment from a past job?

I was laied off from a past job that I worked at for eleven months. Then got another job for two weeks, but was laied off from there also. So could I get unemployment from my past job even though I have worked somewhere else?

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I have an unemployment questions for the state of Kentucky. I am getting laid off from my job?

from my job at the end of July. That is certain. My question(s) are…if the company that is coming in and taking over offers me a job, do I have to take it? Or can i still file my unemployment from the job I got laid off from. Meaning if this company says we will hire you to do exactly what your doing at the rate you are making. And I turn it down and opt to take unemployment and go to school. Will my unemployment be denied?

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If I get a part time job while on unemployment, how much are my benefits reduced?

I’m currently collecting unemployment after being laid off in California, and looking to get a part time job to help make ends meet. What is the percentage they allow you to keep out of reported earning? Like if I’m receiving $200/wk from UI, and then get a part time job that pays me $100/wk isn’t there a percentage they let you keep, like 75% means they would only reduce my benefits to $175/wk hypothetically?

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Will you be granted unemployment after a temp job ends?

I live in NY and am quitting my job to look for one that pays enough for me to pay for daycare. While I look, I would like to work at a temp job. Once the temp job ends (or in between them) am I qualified for unemployment?

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Can I take a leave of absentd from my job and collect unemployment?

I currently work a state job. Could I take a leave of absents to go to school and collect unemployment while I am out. I will not be getting paidfrom my job while I am out and need some sort of income. I live in new jersey . I need to finish school to pursue another state job which requires a bachelors degree. Any advice would help. Thanks

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Will I lose my unemployment benefits if I quit my part time job?

I acquired a part time job while receiving unemployment benefits. I was told my hours would be 16-20 hours a week. I’ve been getting 8-4 hours for the past month. Can I quit that job and still gets my unemployment benefits?

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How long do you have to be working on a job to get unemployment if you lose it?

She was in training for a new job, she is being paid and considered an employee. She got sick on the last day of the training and could not be there. She was told she would be contacted for a new training session but could not start the actual job until training was complete. She has been waiting a while and still has not been called back. Can she apply for unemployment until they call her? She had only been employed there for about a week.

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What are the job unemployment rates for the U.S., and Illinois specifically?

I’m doing some homework at the moment and my teacher asked for 5 things:
Unemployment rate in the U.S.
Unemployment rate in Illinois
Unemployment specifically for white, african american, and mexican.
Please give as much information as you can, it’ll be a great help!

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