Can I collect Unemployment Insurance if I quit my job and move to another state?

I now live in Arizona and I want to move to California because my parents are now elderly (82) and I want to be near them in case they need me. I have now been on my current job for only 4 months. The economy is bad and I dont know how long it will take me to get another job. Being able to collect Unemployment would really be a big help.

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Can Unemployment after I lost my job, but I sell real estate on the side?

I just found out that I have about 2 weeks before I get let go from my hourly paying job. I have my real estate license and do real estate on the side, more of a hobby. The hourly position that I have is the primary source of my income. Am I able to collect unemployment if I still have my real estate license?

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Can you draw unemployment if your job shuts down for a week?

My husband works in a factory, and they have to shut the plant down for a week for some type of maitenance. They won’t pay him for his time off. Can he draw unemployment for just one week in the state of indiana, even though he would still technically be employeed?

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Would I still be able to qualify for unemployment if I found a job in the mean time?

I just fond out that I could have filed for unemployment but I already started another job. I am wondering if I am still eligible to get unemployment for the three weeks of work I missed? Thanks for all your help.

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If I move because my fiance gets a new job, can I collect unemployment?

I know this is the case for husbands/wives, but I’m not clear on what the rules are regarding people who are engaged. I basically put in my notice at my current job and we are moving to a new town where I will be out of work.

Can I collect unemployment until I find a job?
I’m in California, btw. I know it’s different from state to state, so please only Californians or people who know about California’s laws, can you help me?

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If you get offered a job, does unemployment become denied?

If you get offered a job but decline it or decide not to call back that potential employer with your decision, is that employer required to tell the unemployment office of your particular state? Does unemployment benefits become denied? I mean, what if I decide I don’t want the job? That means I’m denied benefits??

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Will i continue to get partial unemployment benefits if I quit my part time job and go to school fulltime?

I am receiving a partial benefit from my past full time employer. I currently work a part time dead end job. I would like to attend medical school, will I be eligible for unemployment benefits if I leave this job and pursue my education?

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Can you get unemployment benefits if you left your job for another and new company shut down?

I was offered a job for a construction company and left my job of 2 years because I was offered double the pay. The construction project was postponed and eventually cancelled. The construction company is in business but owner has no work. Would I be able to get unemployment benefits? I have a phone interview next week. Please, only serious answers.

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How much can I earn from a part time job and still get some unemployment?

in michigan, jobs are few and far between, but applying for jobs alllll day long. if i get a part time job can i still get some kinda unemployment until i find something full time?

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Can I quit a job and still get unemployment?

I am a 100 % commission sales associate for a car dealer. I have been in the business since 2005. My paychecks are barely enough to cover my fuel to get to and from work. If I can not afford to keep this job and they will not fire me what do I do? If I quit can I get unemployment? Someone please help!

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