How to Write a Great Resume : How to Pick a Resume Format

There are a variety of job resume formats out there and our expert is here to help you pick the best one for you with this free job hunting video. Expert: Tine Buechler Bio: Tine Buechler obtained her BA in adult education from Brock University in St Catherines, ON. She also graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Western in London, ON. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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12 Responses to “How to Write a Great Resume : How to Pick a Resume Format”

  1. pgthinker007 says:

    How to lie in Resume:-(

  2. blueresumeDOTcom says:

    try sampleresumebook . com they have completely free resumes. NO GIMMICKS! NO SALES! Just FREE resumes

  3. belindabell2 says:

    @Lyft6157 that’s nasty- some people need more info

  4. 9winDuDown9 says:

    Great job. A++++

  5. dfcurran says:

    Not up to your usual high standards. You don’t really explain in which cases chronological resumes are effective–not many–maybe for an actor listing credits–because the criteria for picking actors is only in actual work. Perhaps you attempt to cover too much here.

  6. garyowen4ever says:

    culture cont’d…..if possible know the culture of your target firm and the department of your employ, money grubbing, perfectionist, slouchy, relaxed, casual, uptight, wired, work a holic,,,,,HOW DO YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THIS,,,thats where a reputable employment agency intelligence file comes in handy,,,,,whats the skinny on the people i’llbe working with-for? its out there you better know it or else its roundpeg square hole time.

  7. garyowen4ever says:

    keep it short, power point concise and one page,,,,recruiters have short attention spans. if you are a real image type, attach with a paper clip your press pr picture..it is not illegal to volunteer anyfuking thing….it is of dubious legality for a employer to ask for a picture and 99% will not. on the other hand fat slobs hire fat slobs and ugly dim bulbs hire alike……people hire people like themselves. know the culture of the company,,,stuffy, comic, brainiac, dressy, slick and sleasy?

  8. selectajay2000 says:

    some examples would’ve been nice too. Thanks for the vid:)

  9. kilimats02 says:

    yes, bla bla bla does not cut it

  10. darkinmysilence says:

    What I find ironic is that a resume is supposed to be a professional, organized and easy to understand document…it should be visually appealing…this video series does not have a single one of these attributes. It looks as though it was made as a high school assignment…and failed.

  11. Heartless1042 says:

    lol lyft

  12. Lyft6157 says:

    god dammit just show how to write it bytch