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How to collect unemployment if you quit your job?

I have a friend that has been working for over 5 years for a large casino corp.
This co. fights just about every unemployment case, wither the person quits or gets fired.
My friend would like to be seperated from this a way which he can collect unemployment benifits while looking for a more stable job.
What are some ways he can seperate from this co. and still be elagable for benifits?

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3 Responses to “How to collect unemployment if you quit your job?”

  1. B says:

    If he is good friends with h.r. he might talk to them and ask them to fire him and call it lack of work.

  2. mrbigtime2001 says:

    Safest way is to get laid off or the position is dissolved. If fired for performance, he probably won’t qualify for unemployment. and even then he should file anyway. worst thing to do is quit or get fired because he wasn’t doing his job. Your friend should also check to see if it’s a right-to-work state. Your friend should try and find a job while employed…maybe take vacation time to do it.

  3. justme says:

    I’m pretty sure you can’t.I was at a point where I had to quit. I had been there 7 years but they forced me into a promotion that made me travel 1 1/2 hours from a dying husband.Now I make less than 1/2 the $, and work 1/2 as much. Quitting can save your mental health.I lost over 40days of vacation and sick leave.They were making me crazy. Funny too I never call in and always do that extra if I can. More important to do for your family.Good luck to your friend. Just tell him to find a new job first It took me two months to find one