Making a Good Interview Impression

Congratulations, you have made the leap from applicant to interviewee. Now that you have made a great impression on paper, how do you ensure that you translate that in person, and secure an offer? The job interview can be one of the more stressful aspects of the job-seeking process, but you can handle it with ease by following these simple guidelines:


  • Anticipate the interview questions and come up with solid, concise answers that are geared toward the company’s needs and the job description
  • Research the company


How to Get Hired – Job Interview Tactics

Know how to approach every job interview with confidence. Find out the tools and tactics needed to prepare you for the interview.


Job Interview Tips : How to Job Interview: Questions & Answers

Job interview questions and answers can be researched and practiced in preparation to make a great impression. Practice interview questions and answers with tips from an executive business manager in thisfree video on career information. Expert: Gloria Dixon Campbell Bio: Gloria Dixon Campbell has an executive MBA in management from the University of South Florida, and a BA in Sociology from the University of West Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Resume & Job Interview Tips : How Can I Make a Good Impression at an Interview?

Make a good impression at a job interview by showing up 10 to 15 minutes early, treating everyone with respect, remembering names, making eye contact and answering questions in a clear, concise voice. Remember to breathe, smile and relax during a job interview with tips from a professional resume writer and interview skills coach in this free video on job interviews.


Our Six-Step Guide to a Successful Job Interview

For most of us when we finally land the job interview, the process almost seems complete and we are just waiting to see what time they want us to start our first day. However, you have to realise that your potential employer will be interviewing a dozen or so equally enthusiastic candidates. What preparation you do now will make the difference as to whether you’re hired or filed.

That’s why job interview coaching is important. You need to start fresh once you have found out that you’ve been offered an…


EEVblog #27 – More Engineering Job Interview Tips!

Yes, it’s another round of Electronics Engineering job interview tips. Techniques to help you stand out at the interview and secure that engineering job. See Blog #7 for the previous bunch of tips. (Note the record number of “you knows”!)


Job Interview Preparation – Know How Important It Is

When a person receives the opportunity to attend a job interview they have obtained a chance to achieve their work desire. You receive this rare opportunity when the job interview process has whittled down the many applicants to a few worthy candidates and that it becomes your responsibility not to blow this chance. Most job interviewees perform the smallest amount of effort related to the job interview by only printing a copy of their resume and dressing for the part.

When looking to attend a job interview it is necessary…


Job Interview Bootcamp – Answering Interview Questions

Here is a video that will discuss the most commonly asked interview questions. You will also learn the 5 Basic Principles of how to answer any individual Job Interview Question. The way you answer a job interview question is as important as the answer itself.
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Job Interview Guidelines

job interview help

Guidelines to job interviews help you prepare better for that crucial make or break moment with the employer. Prepare well for your interview.

After searching every job ads pages of every newspaper and every job sites, you are finally called in for an interview. Although securing an employment and not the interview itself is your main goal, passing the interview is a very important phase.

An interview is your opportunity to present yourself, your talents and what you can offer potential employers. You…


How to Prepare for Post Military Career Job Interview

career job help

There are several people who wish to work after their post military career. However, not everybody finds it easy to pass the interview and move on to get a new job. There is a vast difference between serving the military and working for an organization. There are people who walk into the organization only to be rejected. After serving the military for years, it is quite possible that you may not be aware about the latest changes in the interview techniques.…


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