Career Planning Help: How to Choose an Effective Career

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Choosing a career can be devastating for some people. There are wide choices of jobs available in any field. Hence, it is not that easy for an individual to find a job that is more suitable for him/her unless he/she knows some tips.

This article can help people to choose an effective career that can help in building an interesting professional life.

Effective tips to consider

The career which an individual choose must be appropriate for him/her in order to continue the career…


Career Planning Help: Tips and Guidelines for Shifting Careers

When it comes to making a career plan, people must also know how and when to change careers. It may not be necessary for an individual to shift his/her career, if he/she has chosen the right job. But, in some cases, it becomes necessary for individuals to change his/her career for some reason.

Reasons to change career

There may be several reasons for an individual to change his/her career. Some of the common reasons for which people prefer to shift their career are as follows:

When an individual is not…


Resources For Career Counseling Help

career job help

The most important step in finding a right job is to look for one that is most suitable to your requirements and most compatible with your personality. This may sound easy, but often we don’t have a clue about what each job provider has to offer and what would work best for us. Resources for career counseling can be a great help in this process of identifying the next career move.

Web Resources

The Internet is an exhaustive information source that allows us…


13-month extension of unemployment benefits beyond the current 99 WEEKS WILL NOT HELP THE 99ERS

THIS WILL NOT DO ANYTHING FOR THE 99ERS THIS IS A SELL OUT Sources tell ABC News that the president pushed for several items in the deal, including a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits beyond the current limit of 99 weeks. That will help some 9 million Americans President Obama spelled out the terms of a major agreement that will also extend unemployment benefits, among several other provisions
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Getting Dental Care if Your Self Employed

If you’re self-employed are thinking about running your own business.  There are a number of options you have available to you in order to help you find the dental coverage for you or your family. You can find this information both online and in local areas.

Items that you should be particularly focused on include:

Professional organizations, or groups:  If you’re a member of a specific social organization or group, either for your profession or for personal interests, you may be able to benefit from some specific discounts or plans…


5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

The numbers are in for October, and things are still looking a rough in the job market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is hovering at 9.6 percent, where it’s been stuck since May.

What’s even harder to imagine, however, is that there are still 6.2 million people who’ve been out of work for 27 weeks or more. That means that 6.2 million Americans have been looking for jobs for more than 6 months.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who has a…


How an Executive Biography Can Help in Your Search for a High-level Job

If you’re seeking an executive-level position in the 0000 to million+ range, an executive biography is a necessary tool to give your job search an edge over the competition and give the employer a deeper understanding of your background, accomplishments and skills. Expanding on your history and experience, an executive biography presents you professionally and clearly to potential employers, providing scope and depth to what you could bring to a firm or company. As the current market for executives and upper-level professionals is very competitive,…


Loans for Unemployed – Financial Help for Varied Personal Purposes

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Loans for unemployed are useful tools in hands of jobless people when they seek some financial help to meet ends and for varied personal purposes. These loans should be an option for people like you for the purpose of starting a new project also to generate sufficient income. Take out these loans only after you have carefully compared their several aspects.

A pre-requisite for the jobless people in taking out a loan is that they should prove their repayment capability for an amount…


Resume Tips – Resume Writing and Job Search Help

If you’re still using an “Objective Statement”, you need a new Resume. If you just copied and pasted your previous Job Description, you absolutely need a new Resume. Start with this basic Articulating Accomplishments exercise. It’s the base for your Resume, and used for telephone and face-to-face interviews. Struggling with your resume? Let us help you articulate your career accomplishments. We write your resume with you, so get started here, and contact us when you’re ready at rescueresumes.com Questions? Visit us at http Copyright 2010,…


Job Interview Help: Cracking the Interview

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Job interview generally precedes a hiring decision and takes place to evaluate the possible candidate. Most common job interview is the behavioral interview or the competency-based interview. In behavioral type or the competency-based interview the candidate is asked about some situations that they might have encountered earlier and how they reacted to them. This type of interview is based on the notion that a person’s past behavior is a good indicator of his future performance. Thus, this is more focused on the competencies…


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