Why You Need To Use A Resume Instead Of A Job Application

A resume is needed over the job application is because it is a presentation of who you are. In short, it is an advertisement. You are the product.

It includes achievements instead of just “duties” and provides a lot more room for your information compared to the small section found on a job application form.

A job application includes information that would not be appropriate to list on a resume such as references, reasons for leaving a job, salary information and mailing addresses for each…


Do you need help to find a job?

They want responsibilities, a job that involves multi-tasking and lots of projects. This is the reason why every time we consider a new job search we almost reach desperation. Where are we to find the right job? Do we stand a chance in this over competitive world? These are important questions that need to be answered. And fortunately, we have the Internet to help us find a job, easily and without any effort whatsoever.

If you are prepared to analyze some of the employment opportunities presented over the Internet,…


Need a New Job Or Career? You’re Killing Your Chance in the First Five Minutes of the Interview!

by Christian Schoyen, leading U.S. job expert, life architect, and author – ASecondLife.com

Everybody knows that the first step to securing a job is a compelling and convincing resume that grabs the attention of a prospective employer. But most people don’t realize how important it is to put your best foot forward as you take that next step, the job interview-otherwise you’ll blow your chances and walk away empty-handed.

The Problem: You’ve got the education, experience, and references, all presented on a well-put together resume that gets you job


Do You Need A Job? Then Conduct A Job Search

Job searches can be one of the most frustrating things that you have to do in your life. After all you know what you are capable of and which jobs would be right for you but convincing other people is another task altogether.

The thing with job searches is that the right job is out there but once you have had a few knock backs, which is inevitable, it can really dent your confidence. Especially because getting it right has great potential impact on your life. …


If You Need A Great Job You Need A Great Resume

Landing a great job starts with writing a great resume. There’s no doubt that in these financially difficult times it’s never been harder to find the ideal job, and you won’t with a second rate resume.

Job applicants have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other job applicants for every good job. Your personal job history is important to you, but to anyone in charge of making those all important job interviews, if your personal job history doesn’t jump out and hit them in the face when…


Networking In College: Build Your Network Before You Need It!

Learning how to network in college helps to jump-start your career before graduation. In this Careers Out There interview, Scott Tsuchiyama of University of Michigan’s Career Center explains how to network and why you should build your network before you need it.
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These is What You Need Before Starting a Job Search in Nebraska

Searching for a job can be done through browsing the internet. Job opportunities are available in plenty when the keyword job search Nebraska is used for searching and a wide range of options is displayed. The keyword job search Nebraska provides some of the popular job searches available on the Internet.

Some of the web links like job-hunt.org are popular web portals for providing good jobs. One can find a variety of jobs that are offered in different sectors. You may also have privilege of visiting more jobsites…


Do I Really Need a Resume Service?

Do I Really Need a Professional Resume Writer?

Yes. A Professional Resume Service Can Help.

There is nothing more important than a good cover letter and resume when looking to jump-start your career, land the perfect interview or get a better salary. A resume writing professional can help with the ideal cover letter and resume layout. You will be amazed at how good you look with a new cover letter and resume.


The majority of recruiters spend less than 7 seconds reviewing a resume…


Resume Writer – Does Your Career Hunt Need a Boost?

Hiring a resume writer can serve as a boost to your career search, but do you need one? If you ask a writer, the answer will no doubt be one sided. If you apply for jobs only to never hear back from the hiring manager, a writer will tell you that you need professional help. Before you hire a writer, however, you should think about the following:

Read over your resume. There could be spelling and grammatical mistakes that you’re not aware of. These are a huge turn…


Do you Want to Write the Best Cover Letter you Can? Here is a Cover Letter Tip you Need to Know!

So you want to write the best cover letter you can to impress your potential employer? Good! Cover letters are an essential part of job seeking and a sub-par letter can doom your efforts to failure. While there are many cover letter tips the main tip you need to know is this:

Do not do a general cover letter!

Cover letters are supposed to be an introduction and promotion of yourself for a specific job with a specific company. To make a cover letter you just slap onto every…


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