Q&A: What is the proper way to job search for a dental assistant job?

Question by AL7: What is the proper way to job search for a dental assistant job?
I have been to all the job search website and i can not find any openings. There are a tonnnn of dentist offices in my town and i was wondering if it would be “okay” to go in give them a resume or ask if they are looking for assistant help. Im not sure if thats how you go about looking for a job like this….its not like im trying to go get a…


Does anyone know of a job search website that matches people to jobs based on skills?

I’m basically thinking of something that will think of every imaginable skill people can have in the workplace, and you’ll check something like “I have skill and experience,” “I have skill but not experience,” “I have experience but no skill (sad)” and then will produce a drop-down window that matches your answers to jobs — sort of a virtual placement counselor. Has anyone seen anything like that?
Ignore the “drop down window” part. I really just confused matters.
Hey Kevin. I checked it out. It’s interesting. Definitely on…


What should I do about this job search situation?

I’ve posted my resume online. Let me start with telling you about me. I am ethnic. My first name is French and my last name is Spanish. Well, I got an email today about a few jobs I am qualified for but the company says they a black professional networking community.

Should I apply for these positions? Do you think because of my ethnic sounding name, they contacted me?


How can I make a “follow up call” for my job search (a week later) without giving away my identity?

I have good reasons for me not to give away my name, age and grade level in school when I make my “follow up” call.

How can I not reveal my name and my age when I make the follow up call to see how the hiring process is going? (for a minimum wage job or close-to minimum wage job)
actually, in this situation I do have a good reason, but it’s long and complicated


How do you job search while you are still employed?

does that limit you to word of mouth and advertised positions where you can send out your resume?

What about cold calls? How do I make them as discreet as possible? Call during break time?

Any more tips? Thanks.

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How to answer an interview question about how my job search has been going?

I have been asked this a few times. Do I want to say that I have been interviewing a lot and have them wonder why I haven’t been offered a position, or tell them I haven’t been interviewing much and come across as desperate?

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I need a job in Cartoonist/Illustrator/Caricaturist? Where can I search?

I just graduate from college with a Bachelor degree in arts, and I have been job searching on line for Cartoonist/Illustrator/Caricaturist, but with no luck. I also posted my resume…I need more advice and help. What else can I do?

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How to deal with past supervisors during a job search?

I resigned under bad terms with a past supervisor when I did not receive a promised promotion and raise. To make matters worse, 2 fellow employees followed me to my new employer. Now, years later, applications are asking me for the names and numbers of past supervisors. The positions I am applying for are professional level positions. I feel that it is wrong for future employers to speak to anyone but HR. Thoughts on how to handle this situation? Are there any laws dealing with this? Thanks.

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How would you evade your present (vindictive) employer from seeing your internet job search?

The employer routinely checks the internet for Monster jobs and maybe others, I do not know. This would definitely be bad for me.

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How do I deal with my boyfriends police job search?

My boyfriend is currently a seasonal (bonded) officer for Cedar Point. He has compleated the police academy and he has taken EVERY civil service exam that has come up. I just feel like it is taking so long and so does he. He is really stressing out, and in turn I stress out. Right now he is living 45 minutes away on his boat which is docked where he is working so on top of it all we have a little distance in the relationship, and I am starting to…


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