Can you apply for unemployment if you have left your job for another?

If you have left a position you held for two years started a new job and after a week and a half they fire you because, they find out they cannot insure you on automotive insurance can you receive unemployment benefits?


How do I find out if I’m elgible for unemployment compensation if I quit due my job due to my condition?

I quit my job in 2003 due to my medical condition and was denied my unemployment and currently disabled.

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Do you have to report a job right away when collection Unemployment?

Are you able to collect one more check after finding a job while collecting unemployment since you have to wait another two to three weeks to get paid from the job? when should you report your job or should you just stop calling in for your check?

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Unemployment denied because quit a job 3 months ago?

I was recently laid off from my job, i applied for unemployment, the unemployment office is telling me that because i was fired from a job 3 months ago (couldn’t handle both jobs i had, and did poorly on the job i was fired from) that i may be denied unemployment.
What can i do? Obviously if i had known i would be laid off from the current job, i would have never lost the other one.

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I just quit my job because i feel i was verbal abused can i collect nys unemployment?

Recently another employee got hurt at work and it was poorly handled i made a issue about our safety and also i already called them out because they shorted our paychecks this was fixed but they had it out for me the guy i carpooled with was told by owner not to pick me up one day and also I am screamed at for the stupidest things. I got feed up and just didn’t go back. It was just to much for me. Can i collect NYS Unemployment if I…


If I quit my job to go back to school full time, can I get paid unemployment from EDD?

I have been working 6 months as a CNA and want to start my LVN school next month. Is it possible to get unemployment if I quit my job and go to school? I have heard from a family member that this is.

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How can I get off unemployment in California once I find a job?

I have a unemployment sheet, where can I write on the sheet to say I got a job so that I can stop getting unemployment?

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Can I collect unemployment if I lose my full time job and have a small side business?

A person loses his/her full time job and main source of income but has a small side business that generates part time income here and there. Can this person collect unemployment ?

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In the state of connecticut are you allowed to collect unemployment and still work a part time job?

Any information would be helpful. I am taking a voluntary layoff in February to help my company save money. I work a part time job in Massachusetts where I live. Can I still work there as well as collect an unemployment check?

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Can you collect unemployment benefits if I quit my job?

I was hired to work part-time, flexibile hours (17.5 hours/week). At the end of each week I advise my boss of my work schedule for the following week. I have been doing this for over 3 years. My boss is now trying to set me on regular work schedule requiring me to work certain days/hours each week, so therefore, my hours are no longer flexible. If I quit my job, would I have grounds to collect unemployment?

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