Write a resume that will get you the job interview! (and the job)!

Many, many people do not know how to write a resume, despite a wealth of information available. It’s not just a list of jobs you’ve had, or skills you have. It’s a marketing document. You are marketing yourself. In an uncertain economic climate, you must make the most of every opportunity you have to give yourself an advantage in a competitive job market. Your resume is the first place you can distinguish yourself from other candidates. So, you need to think about what kinds of ways you can improve…


Writing A Resume

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Your Job Interview Skills | Job search tips | Employment resume coaching

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Writing An Effective Coverletter

Understanding the role of a cover letter

Imagine you were applying to Harvard University and you filled out all parts of the application, but you skipped the personal statements because you simply “didn’t feel like it”. It is almost guaranteed that you will not be admitted no matter how good your GPA or test scores are.

Now imagine you are applying for your dream job and the thought of writing a cover letter is not only dreadful, but also you “don’t feel like” writing endlessly for each job you…


5 Tips to Writing An Excellent Cover Letter

In the recent years, finding a job has become more of a challenge. There are many ways in finding out about a possible job opening. Nowadays, employers are already using the internet to advertise job opportunities. There are many job boards where the employers place an online advertisement instead of an ad in the local newspaper. Job seekers can search online among many options and these boards can allow the job seeker to narrow down his choices and know more about the company through the company’s website. This is…


Resume job write – How do I write a Resume

In numerous contexts, a resume is short (usually one page ), and thus contains only experience without delay topical to a specific position. Many resumes contain keywords that potential bosses are searching for, make heavy use of active verbs, and display content in a flattering manner.

Your resume needs to be consistent, concise, and clear and straightforward to read. If it is not, your resume and cover letter won’t get a 2nd peek from any hiring manager.

The objective of your resume is to make an employer need to…


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Job Sites Top Five

Currently, there are 5 of the most sought after web sites being used by aspiring applicants on the web when job-hunting. These are:

5) Net-Temps.com

This site provides job openings at one click. Just enter a keyword, specify the location and it will give you over a hundred results. It provides help in posting resumes including tutorial on how to make one. It allows searchers to use a job search assistant that searches thousands of contracts and direct jobs to store up to three cover letters/resumes for…


If You Need A Great Job You Need A Great Resume

Landing a great job starts with writing a great resume. There’s no doubt that in these financially difficult times it’s never been harder to find the ideal job, and you won’t with a second rate resume.

Job applicants have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other job applicants for every good job. Your personal job history is important to you, but to anyone in charge of making those all important job interviews, if your personal job history doesn’t jump out and hit them in the face when…


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