Writing Magic Cover Letters

Cover letters in a job application are almost as critical as the CV itself. Just sending out a generic CV to job advertisements will not attract employers’ attention. A cover letter is important to give your application a personal touch. Your cover letter gives the employer an idea of who you are, why you are suitable for the job and why they should consider you.  Therefore, your cover letter needs to be job specific. Here are a few tips for writing a magic cover letter:

Put some effort into it


10 Important Things To Include In A Cover Letter

The cover letter is usually your first point of contact with a prospective employer so it is crucial to make it as interesting and to the point as possible. Your cover letter can be the biggest contributor towards getting the job or getting rejected for it so what you include in it is very important. More often than not, people tend to write it like a replica of their resume. What you need to understand is that the cover letter is an extension of your resume so it should complement…


Five Essential Parts to an Effective Resume Cover Letter

by Marlyn Damerick –

As a job hunter, you’ve come to understand the importance of a strong cover letter to persuade the employer to invite you for an interview. Now you sit down before a blank screen and prepare to draft it. What next?

A resume cover letter has five parts. Here they are and how to make the most of them.

1. Salutation

When you write”Dear Mr. [Employer],” make every effort to know who you’re writing to and how to spell the name. When you use name, you’re…


How to Write a Cover Letter for Teachers

by Mario J. Churchill –

People who dream of pursuing a teaching career are often confronted with one problem-how to write a cover letter that will sell their efficient teaching skills. Being teachers, they are always perceived to be the foundation of knowledge. Meaning, they are pressured by the fact that their covers letters should be flawless.

The very nature of man goes about showing off his prowess in writing by means of using high-termed words in the content of the cover letter. Doing so sacrifices enough comprehension on…


Preparation for Writing a Cover Letter

by Susan Bean -

If you try to write your cover letter all in one sitting, you definitely won’t be able to do the best job possible. Cover letters take time, effort and careful thought, and before you even sit down to write one, there are some steps you should take to prepare.

The first thing you should do is try to compile a list of all the skills and achievements that would make you an asset at the kind of job you want to get. If you’re applying for…


Cover Letter Tips – Choose the Right Format for the Your Submission Method

by Denise Rutledge -

Times have changed. You are just as likely to submit a cover letter via email as by post. What is standard for one form of communication isn’t standard for the other. To make the best first impression, you need to know the formatting differences between email and traditional letters.

If you are sending your cover letter by email, move your personal address block to the bottom of your letter. Because you can’t sign an email, your name in the address block replaces the position your signature…


10 Commandments for a Sparkling Cover Letter

by Amy Adler –

1. Write a cover letter-then send it with your resume – You’d be surprised how few job seekers actually include cover letters with their resumes. These “naked” resumes might get read-or they might get trashed. If your target hiring manager is one of those who loves to find out more about star applicants, you need to provide the means for her to do so.

2. Include the proper address and job title – Don’t embarrass yourself and automatically consign your resume to the dustbin by…


Cover Letters Are Your First Impression – How to Write a Great Job Application Cover Letter

by Michael J. Martin

Your cover letter may be the first impression you make on a potential employer. Do you think your letter is perfect? Learn how to write a great job application cover letter. Writing an impressive cover letter is essential when applying for a job, especially in the corporate world. A great job application cover letter is short, professional-looking, error-free and describes why you are the person they are looking for.

Targeted Cover Letter

When you apply for a job, always write a letter specifically for that job.…


Best Cover Letters For Getting Job Interviews

writing cover letter job

There’s no doubt about it. People who write the best cover letters get job interviews. Research has shown that the best, most effective, cover letters have a number of common characteristics.

They follow a 3-part format that consistently garners positive results and earns the job applicants who wrote them highly sought after job interviews.

Even if you’re not a great writer, you can write great cover letters by following the format listed below. If you write your cover letter and still aren’t comfortable…


How To Write a Perfect Cover Letter

Your cover letter has only one job. It is meant to entice the reader to open and read your resume. Sounds simple, but job seekers often stress as much over their cover letter as they do the resume. If this sounds like you, relax, there is a simple approach to cover letters that will streamline your application process and give you confidence every time you send out your resume. Just keep these three cover letter tips in mind and you’ll never stress over writing them again.

1. Keep it short.…


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