If I leave my job for more money, then get laid off can I collect unemployment?

If I leave my job for more money, go take another job and get laid off from that job can I collect unemployment? I plan on going to work for a company that does some contract work but it is only a 8 week contract. Once the contract is up can I collect unemployment? Thank you..
I hate my job, I want to quit everyday..

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Can I receive unemployment after a temporary job?

I was fired from my job in March and I filed for unemployment but I was denied the benefits and I appealed it, but then I just came off a temporary job that I had for 2 weeks. I’m not sure if I can receive unemployment now since my case is in the appeals process and also when I received the letter stating I was denied unemployment it said that besides appealing it the other way I can receive the benefits is if I earn $745 in bona fide pay,…


Do I continue to get unemployment benefits if I accept a new job offer but that job doesn’t start until June?

I am currently getting unemployment benefits after being let go but I may get a new job starting in June. Do I continue to get unemployment benefits until then? I can not be without any income for a month and 1/2! Does anybody know if they just cut me off until I start my new job? I do have to tell them about this job offer when I claim my weeks, that’s why I am so concerned.

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Getting money from Unemployment because you were driven to quit your job?

My brother quit his job and he wants to collect unemployment money because he believes that his boss and coworkers drove him to quit. He has all these emails and stuff that he is saying he is going to use as proof, but do you think he’ll get the money? And if so, what kind of investigation should happen?

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Will there be a problem to receive unemployment after quitting my part time job?

I was receiving full unemployment benefits for about 2 weeks after I got laid off. I found a part time job and my benefits were reduced. I recently quit that job after about 3 months due to my boss never paying me on time. My question is, when I send this claim form this week and there is nothing in the earnings area like there has been for 3 months, will I have a problem or will I just receive my full amount?

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Can you refile for unemployment even after you found a new job?

My sister lives in Indiana. She filed for unemployment earlier this year after being let go from her job. She got a new job shortly after and has had the job for about 5 months, but the commute is over 70 miles each way. If she decides to leave this job because she can’t afford the cost of gasoline and car maintenance, can she refile for unemployment due to the financial strain of the commute?

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Can you get unemployment if you resign from your job?

I was working for a company for years and they fired me, so I was eligible. Then I got a job 2 weeks later, so no more unemployment for me. The problem is now I don’t like the job I currently have. I’ve been at this new job for 2 months now. I live in NJ. If I resign, can I collect unemployment?

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Am I eligible for unemployment benefits if I quit my job?

I am not sure what to do. I am in an unfair working environment and need to quit my job but obviously can’t unless I can get unemployment benefits while searching for another job. Is this possible?

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If I quit my job to take another job can I receive unemployment if the new job lays me off ?

If I leave my current job and take a less stressful and less paying job and get laid off from my new job after a month or so will I still be eligible for unemployment?

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Can I collect PA unemployment if I am offered a different job in the company?

I was just informed that my job is being phased out, after 20 years with the company. My options were APPLY for a job that I am not assured I will get, an hours drive from my home. Take a demotion, same rate of pay, but a much more physically demanding job, that I am not sure I can handle doing, or severance pay. I am trying to find out if I would be able to collect PA unemployment if I decide to take the severance pay.

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