Change the Outcome of Your Job Search – Five Steps for Executive Level Warriors

The thank you note came in the weekend mail. The handwritten cursive conveyed the message that this was not a bill. Once opened, the thank you note began, “as a result of our meeting, I have gotten my hair cut, a make-over, researched acrylic nails, played dress up in some clothing stores, and made your suggested changes to my resume”.

A woman, like millions of others, looking for a job, wrote this note. She had come to my office to take advantage of a free consultation. The night before I…


Career Search : How to Make a Career Change Decision

In order to make the decision to change careers, a person should first examine her strengths and weigh the pros and cons of the career she has. Consider whether additional education will be needed to change careers with help from a career and testing services counselor in this free video on career changes. Expert: Jennifer Frazee Bio: Jennifer Frazee is a career and testing services counselor. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications
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5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

The numbers are in for October, and things are still looking a rough in the job market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is hovering at 9.6 percent, where it’s been stuck since May.

What’s even harder to imagine, however, is that there are still 6.2 million people who’ve been out of work for 27 weeks or more. That means that 6.2 million Americans have been looking for jobs for more than 6 months.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who has a…


How an Executive Biography Can Help in Your Search for a High-level Job

If you’re seeking an executive-level position in the 0000 to million+ range, an executive biography is a necessary tool to give your job search an edge over the competition and give the employer a deeper understanding of your background, accomplishments and skills. Expanding on your history and experience, an executive biography presents you professionally and clearly to potential employers, providing scope and depth to what you could bring to a firm or company. As the current market for executives and upper-level professionals is very competitive,…


Your Job Search Survival Kit: Don’t Leave Home Without It

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Picture this: you’re in the grocery store, stuck in line behind a gentleman paying for 0 worth of groceries in all pennies. You strike up a conversation with the woman behind you, find out she’s the hiring manager at the company of your dreams, and guess what: she wants to bring you in for an interview. But of course you’re caught red-handed without your business cards, and by the time you get home, you’ve lost the crinkled receipt you wrote her number on…


Resume Tips – Resume Writing and Job Search Help

If you’re still using an “Objective Statement”, you need a new Resume. If you just copied and pasted your previous Job Description, you absolutely need a new Resume. Start with this basic Articulating Accomplishments exercise. It’s the base for your Resume, and used for telephone and face-to-face interviews. Struggling with your resume? Let us help you articulate your career accomplishments. We write your resume with you, so get started here, and contact us when you’re ready at rescueresumes.com Questions? Visit us at http Copyright 2010,…


Reinventing Your Career: Job Search Expert Joe Turner Transforms Unemployment into Opportunity

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Reinventing Your Career: Job Search Expert Joe Turner Transforms Unemployment into Opportunity

By Bobbi Miller-Moro

You may be one of millions of unemployed, or perhaps you’re experiencing the impact of unemployment in your family. The U.S. has witnessed surges of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, yet we’re still not out of the woods.

The unemployment rate rose from 9.8 to 10.2 percent in October. The largest job losses were in construction, manufacturing, and retail trade. The unemployment rate rose to 10.2%, the highest…


Job Search – Use a System to Deliver Rapid Success

Most people approach searching for a new job in an ad hoc manner and consequently the results they achieve are hit and miss. Searching for the right job and ensuring that you are successful in acquiring it requires a systematic approach that gives you a better than even chance of winning.

Once you have identified a job that you are interested in there are a dozen questions that you must be able to answer before you consider writing your Resume/CV, job application and cover letter. They all revolve around…


5 Steps to Using LinkedIn for a Successful Job Search

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is widely used in the business community as a type of “online resume.”  Anyone that has conducted a successful LinkedIn job search can tell you, it’s so much more than that. It’s a powerful tool to reach out to your industry in a new and credible way.  Follow these steps and  you’ll be one step closer to making strong connections to employers and industry recruiters on LinkedIn.

Step 1
Complete Your Profile

Your profile is like your online resume, only better, because people can…


Job Search Tips in Recession

These are tough times for job market and the global economic slowdown is eating up thousands of jobs each week leaving many jobless. Some industries like IT, manufacturing, real estate, financial services etc have been specially hit. Companies are cutting jobs and reorganizing their workforce to control costs. Those companies that are not laying off have either frozen new inductions or pay hikes. Hence, there is very less new job creation in most of the industries that goes for both – READ MORE

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