5 Things to Look For in the Ideal Career

Many people follow the safe route in life by merely doing what they think is expected from them. This leaves them stuck in a rut because they don’t know really what they want from life.

This applies to our job as well because we spend the majority of our time at the workplace. An ideal career should fulfill us and should not feel like “work” because we are doing what we love.

Here are 5 important things that you should look for when evaluating different careers.

Alignment with


Top Tips For Making Yourself Indispensible at Work

The job market today is tougher than it has been for many years. With increasing unemployment and lower levels of disposable income jobs are often few and far between. For this reason it is more important now than ever before to retain a job and ensure job security as far as possible.

One way this can be achieved is by making oneself indispensible within the place of work. By applying a few basic principles an individual can stand out ahead of all fellow employees and ensure that they are considered…


Navigating Major Career Transitions

Michael D. Watkins discusses how to handle your next career move.


Career Planning Help: How to Choose an Effective Career

career job help

Choosing a career can be devastating for some people. There are wide choices of jobs available in any field. Hence, it is not that easy for an individual to find a job that is more suitable for him/her unless he/she knows some tips.

This article can help people to choose an effective career that can help in building an interesting professional life.

Effective tips to consider

The career which an individual choose must be appropriate for him/her in order to continue the career…


Career Planning Help: Tips and Guidelines for Shifting Careers

When it comes to making a career plan, people must also know how and when to change careers. It may not be necessary for an individual to shift his/her career, if he/she has chosen the right job. But, in some cases, it becomes necessary for individuals to change his/her career for some reason.

Reasons to change career

There may be several reasons for an individual to change his/her career. Some of the common reasons for which people prefer to shift their career are as follows:

When an individual is not…


Resources For Career Counseling Help

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The most important step in finding a right job is to look for one that is most suitable to your requirements and most compatible with your personality. This may sound easy, but often we don’t have a clue about what each job provider has to offer and what would work best for us. Resources for career counseling can be a great help in this process of identifying the next career move.

Web Resources

The Internet is an exhaustive information source that allows us…


A Career Transition Panel: Making a Career Change in an Uncertain Climate

Google Tech Talks January 8, 2009 ABSTRACT Stanford Business School Black Alumni Association and Google proudly presents, “A Career Transition Panel: Making a Career Change in an Uncertain Climate”. The current economy is constantly changing under the pressures of a downturn. In the midst of a turbulent job market, this is a critical time to evaluate and manage your career. Even if you are not currently contemplating a change, at some point in your future you may have to jump in the unknown and move…


How to Prepare for Post Military Career Job Interview

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There are several people who wish to work after their post military career. However, not everybody finds it easy to pass the interview and move on to get a new job. There is a vast difference between serving the military and working for an organization. There are people who walk into the organization only to be rejected. After serving the military for years, it is quite possible that you may not be aware about the latest changes in the interview techniques.…


Career Search : How to Make a Career Change Decision

In order to make the decision to change careers, a person should first examine her strengths and weigh the pros and cons of the career she has. Consider whether additional education will be needed to change careers with help from a career and testing services counselor in this free video on career changes. Expert: Jennifer Frazee Bio: Jennifer Frazee is a career and testing services counselor. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications
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Take A Step in the Right Direction! Let Career Counseling Help You Out!

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Do you still remember what you wanted to be then? An astronaut perhaps, or a doctor? Or a postal worker perhaps. With this, it is meant what you wanted to be when you were about three or five years old. It is probably safe to assume that you somehow have an inkling of what you want to be now, right?

If not, then you could probably consider a career counseling. It has been said that if ever one does not know where one…


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