How to Write the Perfect CV

There is no getting away from it; your CV is the most important document you will need to if you want your career to flourish.
It’s your foot in the door; your advertisement to the world, justifying why a hiring manager should give up an hour of their time to meet you.

The problem facing many candidates in this brave new world of online recruitment, job boards and social networks is how to stand out from the crowd.

For years we have been told that our CVs have to…


Key Points on Writing Your Resume for a Job

Writing a resume is a frequent topic that intimidates lots of people. Possibly it’s the very concept of writing correctly which has job-seekers bewildered and frustrated. It really isn’t as hard as everyone makes it seem. Just think of a resume as a 1-page letter describing your experience, abilities, schooling, and job history–all of this information is what you already know and you just have to beat it out of yourself. :)

The difficult that you probably face is identifying the correct format of a resume for a particular job.…


Job Resume: 4 Tips for Standing Out In The Modern Age

A job resume will need to stand out from others if someone wants to be hired for a job. A strong resume is necessary in the modern age to make a good impression on a potential employer. Some tips can help job hunters prepare outstanding resumes that will help them acquire the job they desire.

Tips for a Resume to Stand Out in the Modern Age

1. Be creative by adding a portfolio with the resume. A portfolio will give a potential employer an idea of what…


Resume Writing: How to Create a Solid Resume

Having a good and solid resume can effectively influence and increase your chances to get that dream job. One thing is certain, your resume should sell your qualifications and strengths. Also it should be well organized, have full contact information and list relevant achievements and experience. A strong resume should be written in appropriate format, carefully planned and designed to show your qualifications and accomplishments. In a word, your resume should grab the attention of your employer to invite you for an interview.

Take a time to write your resume…


4 Tips for Writing a Great Resume

A resume can be a hard thing to write. This little piece of paper needs to include all of your accomplishments and achievements, show your determination and work ethic, and make you stand out from all the other applicants. Luckily, there are plenty of tips you can use to help create a fantastic and eye-catching resume.

1. Have great titles.

When employers have a stack of resumes sitting on their desk, they don’t take the time to read them all thoroughly. At first, they typically scan through them to see…


Prepare To Include Your Facebook Page On Your Resume

Times were much simpler before Facebook and other social media sites that plaster your “crazy night out” all over the net.  People were a little more carefree and smiled with the beer in their hand as they attended a group gathering.  However in current times this could hurt your job status along with hindering a future job prospective.

It seems many employers are requesting that their current and future employees provide their Facebook profile page along with their contact information to ensure they are not engaging in frowned activities.  So…


Effective Resume Writing Tips

by Alan Cruize -

Effective resume writing requires the proper presentation of every section in resume. Many people think that resume writing is a simple job and does not require many efforts. But this isn’t true. Writing resumes is a tricky job and one should take proper care while presenting his/her details on resume. Following the resume tips for writing the resume will help you to create a masterpiece resume and make impact on employers.

Effective Resume Writing Tips:

  • Memorize the details that you want to write on your


Resume Writing After You Have Been Fired

by Phil Baker -

Getting fired is depressing enough. Deciding what to tell prospective employers in your resume writing or on an application can be a dilemma. Not laid off for lack of work or downsizing but fired for a disciplinary or other reason. Should you include a job on your resume or application that just fired you? You could roll the dice and leave the job off your resume and application altogether. Whether or not you include any particular job on your resume depends on several factors and could…


How to Save Space on Your Resume – 5 Practical Resume Tips

by Brenda Bernstein -

Conventional resume wisdom says to keep it to one or two pages, depending on the extent of your experience. Are you having trouble meeting these page requirements? If you have a few lines that you just can’t fit onto that page, the following tips may help.

Note: These tips are for your traditional resume, not your scannable/ASCII resume. They are for the human readers who will appreciate a nicely formatted document!

1. Margins. Are your margins set at 1″ or 1.25″? Try 0.4″ top margin (above…


Laid Off? How to Write THE Resume

by Chad Hunter –

Being laid off can be a critical blow to one’s emotional and financial health. Sometimes, even more difficult than getting let go from a job is beginning the search for another one. We often spend so much time in a job that we forget the skills that got us there and we forget to expect change and we especially lose sight of updating our resumes.

Step back and breathe – Writing THE resume or any resume can seem like a terrifying journey. Don’t let it.…


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