Can I collect unemployment if I receive payment for a 1099 job during it?

My stepdad has been working a regular job for the past year while doing real estate on the side, but making very little money from the real estate. He is going to be laid off from his regular job soon and will file for unemployment at that time. If he receives a commission payment from the sale of a house while he is receiving unemployment, is that ok?

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Low unemployment rate? Do you think this is an accurate indication of job availability in the US?

But what type of jobs are workers having to take in order to survive? Lots of low paid, no benefit jobs for the desperate. When the unemployment insurance runs out Wal Mart is the job of last resort.

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Would you apply for a job that paid you the same for unemployment?

I see some jobs that I would qualify for but would be no better than my weekly unemployment rate. I may not like the job once I got it and that could jeopardize my unemployment benefits. I feel I am better off to search for a job similar to what I had. Would you take a job that paid you the same as your current unemployment rate?

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If I lose my job because of closure and take another and quit that one can I still get unemployment?

The company I work for is closing and I have a job offer but can only work there for 6 months we will be relocating. If I quit the second job do I lose my unemployment benefits?

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If I quit a job to take a job in another state, then the new job does not materialize may I get unemployment?

Leaving job 1 to advance career in job 2, then job 2 vanishes before receiving any paychecks, becvause of a contract not materialising. Can I file for unemployment in orignal state, based on job 1?

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How to apply unemployment benefits when you quit the job yourself?

I am so bored with my current job and intend to quit. Anybody knows how to quit a job but still be eligible for unemployment benefits in California?

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Can I receive unemployment benefits if my husband takes a job out of state?

We live in Oregon and my husband was recently laid off. He has recently accepted a job in Napa, California. I work for a company that I plan on transfering with and have been there for many years, but it looks like it may take a few months for a position to open. Can I collect unemployment in California while I wait for an opening and or look for a job?

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Can I get unemployment if laid off and boss offers me a new job at a separate company he owns?

My boss owns two businesses. The one I work for is closing, which would grant me unemployment. He wants to offer me a job at his SECOND business knowing full well that I cannot work there (distance issues, under the table pay, and 60+ hours a week with no overtime). If I refuse the job offer, can I still collect unemployment? I feel like he’s offering me this job specifically to keep me from getting unemployment, as he knows I cannot work it.

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Can I draw unemployment if I am let go from a job that I have only worked at for 90 days ?

I was on unemployment before I took this job for 6 months. The job is not what they said it would be.I don’t seen to be what they wanted either.

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can you get unemployment benefits if you left a job for a family emergency?

recently hand in my badge and headsets and filled out an exit form stating i was leaving on a family emergency. They were only giving me a week off and i needed more time because my grandmother was sick and going through surgery i had to leave town so i decided to quit so not as to get fired. Should i contact the job to see if the would re-hire me? and if not then apply for unemployment? or could i apply for it now until i get another job.????…


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