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getting fired from a part time job and unemployment?

i have a full time job (3rd grade teacher) but i was working a part time job to make extra money. anyway, i got fired from part time gig – can i collect unemployment?

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4 Responses to “getting fired from a part time job and unemployment?”

  1. silky1 says:

    No once you are fired you are not eligible for unemployment.

  2. Hd says:

    probably not. if your full time job pays more than what unemployment would pay you don’t qualify. lets say you earn $500 a week teaching and your unemployment benefits would be $400 then no you cannot collect. if you earn lets say $350 a week teaching and your benefits would be $400 then yes, you would get the $50 difference.

  3. Quizzard says:

    No. You cannot collect unemployment while employed.

  4. ∞infiniti∞ says:

    Only if your full time job pays you less than what you would have collected in unemployment if you had no job.
    I doubt it that a 3rd grade teacher makes less than what your unemployment compensation would have been.