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If you work your butt off, only to lose your job and collect unemployment, how is that seen as a “handout”?

Especially by conservatives whom don’t have a *clue* as to what unemployment benefits are, how they are structured, and what it means to the jobless worker who is out of work and having to find another job?

Do they even know what a ’safety net’ really means?

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27 Responses to “If you work your butt off, only to lose your job and collect unemployment, how is that seen as a “handout”?”

  1. Dem Spin says:

    When you are a millionaire you are out of touch.

  2. Web says:


  3. RockIt says:

    A safety net is not a hammock

  4. SugarBear says:

    I’m all for safety nets, I just don’t see the benefit of one lasting for two years. At some point maybe a career change is in order.

  5. libertarian anarchist says:

    Well after a year you should be doing something . Get a freekin job. Not the next career job you want, Work. At any job.

  6. as.erwin says:

    No one is saying it is a handout… But, wouldn’t you prefer, rather than spending MORE money we don’t have to extend benefits for 2 years, do something to get those people back to work?

    My problem is that 1 week before Obama paraded the unemployed people and stated that there are 5 applicants for every open job, he stood up and talked about how good his policies were doing putting people back to work!

  7. dnafairy says:

    There’s a difference between “safety net” and being on unemployment for multiple years.

  8. kwal says:

    I as a conservatice see nothing wrong when someone loses their job and they get unemployment, thats what it is there for….but I believe it becomes a hand out when it is extended to over 2 years…unemployment is supposed to be short term, and I believe that many people are abusing the system.

  9. Depends says:

    If a person has sat on their butt for 2 years without looking for a job and now gets an extension to sit on their butt some more how is that seen as a handout. Why do libs always look for the pathetic situation when obviously not all people fit in their cookie cutter mold. A person who worked their butt off and lost their job has ALREADY 2 YEARS TO FIND OTHER WORK.

  10. Foghorn says:

    When benefits extend to 99! weeks, it’s a handout. Unbiased studies have proven that people will tend to tap UI as long as possible. Several of my liberal friends talk of their time on UI as being “On the state fishing team.”

    What, you think it’s only libs that draw UI? Probably mostly true but surprised to see you admit it.

  11. teeewalk says:

    Conservatives are cruel and they are showing it.

  12. grandma zaza says:

    If you work your butt off, lose your job and collect unemployment, you are entitled to that unemployment.

    If you work, lose your job and collect unemployment for 18 months, you don’t want to work.

  13. TIGER LADY! says:

    I think two years is long enough to find a job. You may need to make a career change.

  14. Political Enigma says:

    I am trying to decide whether you are ignorant by choice or simply do not possess the ability to know any better. No one, liberal, conservative, nor other, is against those truly deserving of unemployment receiving it. What people are up in arms about is the simple fact that instead of creating jobs for said displaced workers, this administration and it’s sycophants are doing everything in their power to convert formerly hard working individuals into mindless lemmings who are unable to do anything but suck at the teat of the mother welfare state.
    Such an accomplishment, you should be so proud of your chosen one and his minions.

  15. Anabelle says:

    Hand out, safety net, it is still government aid.
    It is a gift from citizens to other citizens that is not earned by or owed to those receiving it.

  16. freedom says:

    I agree with you they should all be replaced and placed on unemployment and when they are getting help are they going to call it handout or benefits.

  17. Shovel Ready says:

    Why don’t you start your own enterprise. You have good ideas, don’t you.

  18. JustMe says:

    I’m so tired of the typical stereotype about conservatives. I’m a conservative and far from being rich. And yes, I’ve been on unemployment. I was on it for a year and hated every minute of it.

    We’re angry because the government continues to extend unemployment benefits instead of creating jobs. Why is that so hard for anyone to understand?

    Do YOU know what a “safety net” really is? It’s putting money aside from every paycheck your entire life, even if it’s only $5 in a savings account. That way, should you find yourself without a job you’ll have something more than unemployment to fall back on.

  19. DesiDani(Nowandforever) says:

    I know what it means.

    At my job LPNs were all laid off, but LPN were being phased out of most hospitals in my state. Then all the people who were late frequently and had lots of complaints, were fired.

    So, make sure you do a good job, show up on time, and make sure you are not at the top of the list.

    Get a job, even one you don’t want. Yes a lawyer can work as a cashier and move up.

  20. Life in Paradise says:

    PPL don’t understand whats going on they act like they just cant find a job. no its that their whole industry was shipped over seas and thier skill is now useless. takes time to get a new skill that will at least pay your bills. America claims to be a Christain Nation but is quick to put ppl on the street and make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

  21. Juan Peron says:

    In a backhanded way, U inadvertently brought up the issue of why hasn’t enough been done to reduce unemployment like Obama & members of the Demopublican parties should have done before?. Or is it really about as long as corporate money givers keep on making profits,they don’t really give a sh!t about the rest.

  22. DustinHowell says:

    If you don’t study for a test that you know is coming up and then your teacher gives you an “A” simply because you showed up to class, not because of how good you did on the test itself, would that be a “handout”?

    People know that at any moment they could lose their jobs – anyone who thinks otherwise is living in denial. But, for some reason, that event is not something that they plan for, put money aside for, take personal responsibility for. And that is the problem.

    Unemployment is seen as just one more way to coddle our citizens. To take them in our arms and tell them that everything will be okay, that mommy and daddy are there to help.

    We are like that parent with a new born child who is afraid to tell that child “no” because they don’t want to hear the whining and the crying that will soon follow. We no longer want to teach people to have personal responsibility for their actions or, in the case of unemployment, inactions.

    That is why it is a “handout”, because it is money that is being given to someone (at least in your example) who should have put their money aside in case they lost their job – to someone who should have had some personal responsibility, but did not.

  23. ShadowOfTheSkull says:

    I was a network engineer for 20 years and was laid off. I worked at Burger King for a while to fill in the income. I then switched careers and now own a restaurant. And BTW, I have not yet laid off a single person in this recession.

    Conservatives don’t have a “clue” because they don’t rely on handouts from the government. And a safety net is not a paycheck for life because you think you’re too good to “lower” yourself and do something “beneath” you for a while until you can find something else.

    Here’s a thought. Instead of complaining about how tough you have it, what a victim you are, and demanding someone else support your sorry backside, get off said backside, and do something other than whine.

    Armchair Goddess is wrong in her assertion that employees pay unemployment taxes. They do not. ALL 940 FUTA taxes are paid by employers. Get your facts straight.

  24. Armchair Goddess #1 says:

    Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the one filibustering the Jobs bill and, with it, the extension of unemployment benefits, is a multi-millionaire, according to “The Rachel Maddow Show” of MSNBC, worth more than $49 MILLION. He went on Sunday morning political talk shows to say just what you heard, that this is a “handout” and that the $30 billion needed for the extension through November is “adding to the deficit” when HE and his GOP PARTY CAUSED THE DEFICIT—where was his “concern” for deficit spending when from 2001 through 2007 THAT IS WHAT THE GOP DID, EXCLUSIVELY! The word GALL does not even BEGIN to describe the SMUG ARROGANT … I don’t know WHAT…CHUTZPAH maybe!

    People who hold jobs (that the Republican party has NOT outsourced to third-world countries) pay into the Unemployment Insurance fund with every single paycheck they earn! They have a RIGHT to draw enough to take care of their bills, their families, when this nation is driven into recession by the greedy-gut Republicans because of really BAD policies! Something else to consider, but which none of the media outlets bothered to address: The Obama administration and the Democrats in both House and Senate have REDUCED THE DEFICIT by 8% (Reuters and Washington Post, April postings on Yahoo’s Home Page news) with THREE MONTHS STILL TO GO IN THIS FISCAL YEAR! President Obama’s very first budget was submitted for October 1st of 2009 (anything before that date was the final Bush/Cheney FISCAL YEAR budget that did not end until September 30, 2009 (Yes, 2009!)—so many people do not know this and keep on blaming the Obama administration for BUSH’s spending! In his first budget submitted, President Obama CUT SPENDING from the $1.09 TRILLION of the Bush/Cheney budget to the $1 trillion ($.09 TRILLION LESS, or $90,000,0000). The $181 BILLION from 14 of the 400 Bush-bailed out banks was also used to PAY DOWN OUR DEFICIT! The Republicans kept harping (trying to score political points for the election) on “not adding to the deficit” but they ALL voted NO to the legislations that helped the Obama team and the Democrats PAY DOWN that very deficit! GM paid us taxpayers back $8.1 BILLION, too, so that total $189.1 BILLION went back to the Treasury for DEFICIT PAYDOWN…and the request for unemployment extensions by the Democrats who helped with the $189.1 billion paydown costs only $30 billion—we’re still ahead of the game on the paydowns with even more paydowns on the way from bankers who do not like Democrats’ imposed limits on their salaries to a “mere” $500,000 a year until they do pay back in FULL and WITH INTEREST.


    VOTE DEMOCRATS in November!

  25. Poly_777 says:

    The unemployment is not handout.
    It is fraction of what the unemployed were earning before.

  26. Ancient Thinker says:

    it isn’t
    Conservatives hate the poor

  27. roi says:

    Don’t be stupid- as anyone can clearly see there are millions of jobs out there more jobs than there are people to fill them. Oops I was looking at the stats up side down no matter tho I am still a heartless conservative who could care less if people struggle & starve after all I represent family values = ME FIRST An go to church on Sunday and pray to the dollar.