Can I collect PA unemployment if I am offered a different job in the company?

I was just informed that my job is being phased out, after 20 years with the company. My options were APPLY for a job that I am not assured I will get, an hours drive from my home. Take a demotion, same rate of pay, but a much more physically demanding job, that I am not sure I can handle doing, or severance pay. I am trying to find out if I would be able to collect PA unemployment if I decide to take the severance pay.

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6 Responses to “Can I collect PA unemployment if I am offered a different job in the company?”

  1. kl says:

    You won’t receive unemployment if you’re receiving any benefits (i.e. severance) from your last employer.

  2. sgoldperson says:

    Not likely, they would likely argue you were offered another job and had options at the company and essentially chose to quit instead.

  3. Boe says:

    you have to loose your job to get unemployment … not just decide to not work. Plus unemployment isn’t forever and you will not have benefits. You are lucky I had to drive 145 miles each way after they phased my job out.

  4. Señor Sñarky says:

    If you’re offered a job that you physically can’t do, that would be your best bet for unemployment. You would need to get a physical of some sort showing that you couldn’t do the job. If your job is eliminated then you’re considered laid off and eligible. If you apply for the other job and don’t get it then you would still be eligible, so go ahead and apply. If the company can show that they attempted to offer you a job and you refused then that strengthens their case. If you take the severance you could be eligible somewhere down the line. Talk about in between a rock and a hard place.

  5. Hd says:

    any severance pay will be deducted from unemployment benefits and you may be disqualified. if you are offered a different job with the company and you refused that job you’ll be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits.

  6. TruthB says:

    Take the severance! The Company wants you to apply for another job because if you turn it down they do not have to pay out the package. TAKE the package sister!
    You deserve a break after 20 years.

    If you know your being laid off then there is a way to estimate the weeks of salary for severance. Depending on how severance is paid – lump sum can hurt / deduct from the initial money available in the tier I (26 week). Right now see how the company pays out. In a massive lay off companies will pay severance as separation pay – I received pay checks and health benefits and when that ended I filed for unemployment and no money was deducted.

    You will receive some unemployment eventually.

    I hope you the best!