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I just quit my job because i feel i was verbal abused can i collect nys unemployment?

Recently another employee got hurt at work and it was poorly handled i made a issue about our safety and also i already called them out because they shorted our paychecks this was fixed but they had it out for me the guy i carpooled with was told by owner not to pick me up one day and also I am screamed at for the stupidest things. I got feed up and just didn’t go back. It was just to much for me. Can i collect NYS Unemployment if I quit my job on these reasons?

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3 Responses to “I just quit my job because i feel i was verbal abused can i collect nys unemployment?”

  1. Dan says:

    You can’t because you quit, you can only get your unemployment benefits if you’re fired without reason/proof, and being laid off.

  2. michr says:

    there are numerous reasons which are considered “good cause” to quit a job…………..

    what you have here is probably NOT going to meet that definition. you can and should file and the state will determine if you are eligible. of course there is also the question of if you have enough qualifying income which is based on your earnings over the last 15 months.

  3. OverRuled23 says:

    Wish you wrote in sooner before you walked out.

    I would have suggested you start documenting everything. By doing so, if you were fired, you would have had proof you worked in a Hostile Environment (owner told your friend not to pick you up, you were yelled at).

    Still apply for UI and let them determine whether or not you could collect.

    In the future, if you feel you’re working in a minefield workplace-start documenting. Walking out tells your employer that he “won” and you lost. Never give any employer that sense of entitlement. “Fight back” by documenting. : )

    Good luck