Do you have to report a job right away when collection Unemployment?

Are you able to collect one more check after finding a job while collecting unemployment since you have to wait another two to three weeks to get paid from the job? when should you report your job or should you just stop calling in for your check?

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5 Responses to “Do you have to report a job right away when collection Unemployment?”

  1. stephen p says:

    You must report your employment as soon as you are employed. If you do not, and the Unemployment Insurance people learn that you are collecting and working also, they can (1) file for reimbursement, (2) disqualify you from future Unemployment, and/or (3) prosecute you for Benefit Fraud. Does that answer your question?

  2. Pobept says:

    you must report the day your employment begins, any unemployment money payed after that date must be paid back to the state!

  3. Matthew I says:

    You have to report immediately if you have recieved a job. I am not sure of the specifics of the law in this instance, but you may be entitled to benefits until you recieve your first paycheck. It would not make much sense to me to cut someone off the moment they got a job when they have to wait three to four weeks to start having any source of income.

  4. Traci G says:

    If you live in a state like Texas you can try to keep it under wraps that you have a new job, but when your employer fills out the paperwork and send it to the unemployment office, they will know the exact date you begin working. The best thing you can do is report as you would and give the information as prompted. You must know the laws of the state you reside in. I knew the laws of the previous state I lived in, thinking the laws were the same in the new state I reside in, I got caught up in that report or don’t report dilemma and didn’t report. Well needless to say I had to pay back the money they sent me. The best you can do is report it.

  5. TJD says:

    You must report ASAP- or face losing unemployment benefits in your state.