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if you are injured off the job can you get unemployment benefits in Massachusetts?

I slipped on the ice at home and HAVE to take a Leave of Absence from my job, can I qualify for unemployment?

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5 Responses to “if you are injured off the job can you get unemployment benefits in Massachusetts?”

  1. jlf says:

    Most states have a short term state disability program. If you are disabled (and therefore not available for work), you don’t qualify for UI.

  2. mbrcatz says:

    No. To qualify for unemployment, you have to be ABLE to work.

    You qualify for disability coverage – IF you have it.

  3. StephenWeinstein says:

    You. If you are physically unable to work, for any reason, then you do not qualify for unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are only for persons who can work. However, you might qualify for disability benefits.

  4. dmyers7us says:

    If your employer had short term disability coverage for it’s employees then you could fill out the paperwork and the insurance company will make a determination regarding payment. If you have your own individual short term disability insurance then you would similarly apply for financial remuneration. Unfortunately, unless you were laid off or terminated from your employer you don’t qualify for unemployment. Finally, if you have homeowners insurance then you should see whether coverage would extend to you for this type of injury. Best of luck!

  5. Anna K. P says:

    Although specific eligibility requirements vary from state to state, most states have the same basic standards for collecting unemployment benefits. They include:

    -You must be unemployed or working less than full time
    -You must meet certain income requirements
    -You must be ready, willing, and able to work
    -You must have involuntarily left your job

    In general, you won’t be eligible for benefits if:

    -You quit your job simply because you didn’t like it
    -You’re fired for committing a crime (e.g., stealing)
    -You’ve never worked before

    In your situation, it seems to be qualified, but I’d recommend you to go ahead and call your local unemployment office, and get a clear answer.