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Will I lose my unemployment benefits if I quit my part time job?

I acquired a part time job while receiving unemployment benefits. I was told my hours would be 16-20 hours a week. I’ve been getting 8-4 hours for the past month. Can I quit that job and still gets my unemployment benefits?

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4 Responses to “Will I lose my unemployment benefits if I quit my part time job?”

  1. tro says:

    usually quitting eliminates unemployment

  2. Mommy of 2 says:


  3. Redjr01 says:

    That’s a question for the workforce development folks. I believe you would be able to keep your benefits since you have been collecting all along. However, they may not take the news that you quit our job too lightly. I hope you quit because of conflict of interest like school or some other responsibility that was more important than a job. Quitting because you didn’t like the job won’t sit well.

  4. chatsplas says:

    Yes, quitting will impact your unemployment IF you worked for them 30 days
    You can still claim UI benefits while working