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If I get a part time job while on unemployment, how much are my benefits reduced?

I’m currently collecting unemployment after being laid off in California, and looking to get a part time job to help make ends meet. What is the percentage they allow you to keep out of reported earning? Like if I’m receiving $200/wk from UI, and then get a part time job that pays me $100/wk isn’t there a percentage they let you keep, like 75% means they would only reduce my benefits to $175/wk hypothetically?

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2 Responses to “If I get a part time job while on unemployment, how much are my benefits reduced?”

  1. Smiling says:

    Go to
    There is a formula that will tell you how much you will earn. You will ALWAYS earn more if you are working, than if you aren’t.

  2. CarolO says:

    Per the California website:

    You must report any wages on your claim forms for the week in which you
    earned the wages, even if you weren’t paid for that work until later. Your gross
    wages are required (total without the payroll deductions) and the EDD will figure
    the amount of wages to deduct from your weekly benefit amount. A total of $25
    or 25 percent of those earnings, whichever is higher, is not considered deductible
    from your benefits. Any wages beyond that will be deducted from your weekly
    benefit amount and you will be paid the difference, if any.

    In other words, they reduce your normal UI benefits by 75% of earned income. So, for the example you gave, your weekly benefit would be reduced to: $200 – ($100 x 75% = $75) = $125 weekly benefit.