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what affects your job resume more, not working for a year or going from job to job?

I haven’t work for almost 2 yrs…so I was wondering what could affect a resume more …not working for a long time or going from job to job…thanks
the reason why I didn’t work is cause I had a baby and now she’s 10 months, time for me to start working

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3 Responses to “what affects your job resume more, not working for a year or going from job to job?”

  1. says:

    Going from job to job negatively impacts your resume. It shows instability, insecurity, imaturity, a lack of responsibility and indecisiveness. You gotta have a few years at any job (2-3 minimum if you’re still in your 20’s).

    If you’re not working- you better be able to explain it- school- taking care of a family member- or even if you’re just chillin I’d rather hear that. If you’ve been chillin but are ready to work, that shows you’ve grown up and are ready.

  2. JayTee says:

    i’d say it all depends. it looks bad if you had no job for 2 years but it will look terrible if you jumped from one job to the next. i’d rather say i didn’t work for 2 yrs then i did work but i got fired a lot for stealing boxes.

  3. KMR says:

    You have a perfectly legitimate reason for taking 2 years off from work. I doubt it will be regarded in a negative way. You didn’t mention what your profession is, but brushing up on your skills wouldn’t hurt, if you intend to look for work that matches your experience.

    Create a resume. If you don’t have much experience, highlight intangible skills like patience, loyalty, responsible, etc.

    Best of luck,