Career or Job ideas in the Media Industry?

I need some ideas to help me in my job search.
I’ve been freelancing for a little while and worked on a few television series. I need a career path with AV, media, video production. Any advise?

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looking for my ideal job/career?

doesnt anyone know of any really good free online quiz’s which tell you the kinds of job would suit you. I was struggling to find any good ones. please help :)

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HELP! Does anybody have an idea for a new job/new career?

Does anyone have an idea for a new job/career for me?
I have been a high school science teacher for 8 years, a middle school science teacher for 4 years prior to that. I need to leave the profession. I hold two degrees, BS in design (I did residential and commercial design for about 5 years, don’t want to go back) and a BA in Secondary Education (General Science and Biology). I need to make my current salary. I don’t want to cause a hardship for my family. I…


Where can I find a new, fun and exciting job or career?

I’m 22 and work at a law firm in Massachusetts. It pays great (well, great to me is $500 a week after taxes). Some of the people I work with are cool, but for the most part, I work with a bunch of rich, spoiled, pompous, trust-fund babies; and I hate people like that!

I feel that life is too short to spend most of my time at a job which isn’t “me.”

Does anyone know what I can do for work which puts me around people more of my…


Help! I’m looking for a job or career somewhere warm maybe Tampa so I can get out of frozen Rochester, NY!

I’m 24 and from frozen over Rochester NY and just about can’t take scrapping my car outta the ice for ONE MORE DAY!! I would like to move to the Tampa area but I need to find another career. I currently work on a IT helpdesk in the POS department for a company based out of Rochester. I have alot of experience and work history as a electrical apprentice working on commercial and industrial rated sites as well as panel building and installation and even residential electrical work. But I’ve…


ladies if your husband’s job {CAREER} required traveling would you stay or get a divorce?

i have been with my husband for like 22 years. we don’t have children right now and we both want children really bad. my husband’s job requires him to travel and be gone for quite some time.He’s upset because i will not support him and be by his side for his career. i’m upset because i’m going to be here and my dream of being a mother is going to be on hold because he’s not going to be home. i just dont know what to do.
i love…


Is there any tests or something to see what job/career is right for you?

I’m 30 years old and I felt my life has passed by me and I still don’t know what job/career is right for me. I want to focus on jobs dealing towards the field of Accounting, Finance, Management, and Computer Information Systems, but which field is right for me. Then there’s engineering and public relations but I still question it, Is it right for me?

So what should I do? I tried talking to a college career adviser but with little help and the adviser told me to look…


need a new job/career. I’d like some independence, not much contact with others, something at a computer

or desk job. Pay around $50,000/year +


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Job / Career Dream?? HELP!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

I had a dream that I was at my current job, I think, but maybe a new job. Anyways, they gave me either 20 or 40 dollars, a cd cassette player, and a $500 gift card. What does this dream mean? Please atleast guess!!

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What kind of job/career would be best for me to have while doing art on the side?

I love art, sooo much. Art has been my entire life. But now I’m a senior in high school, I need to start thinking about college and my major. But I don’t think I want to do art for the rest of my life. I mean to make a living. I know it is very difficult to make a good living in almost all forms of art, and I want a stable job that I can also enjoy. I kind of want to do art on the side in my…


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