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What are the legitimate reasons to quit a job and still get unemployment?

My friend quit her job because of a hostile work environment and wants to file for unemployment while she looks for a new job. What does she have to prove to collect?

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2 Responses to “What are the legitimate reasons to quit a job and still get unemployment?”

  1. JoJoOz says:

    This is dependent upon many factors including the state that she lives in. But that being said, many states will allow for a hostile work environment to be a factor in receiving unemployment. Any documentation that she might have (including emails that she printed, voicemails that she has access to, etc) would be most helpful. The employer will protest the claim, and she needs to be able to come back at them wholeheartedly.

  2. Barry auh2o says:

    There are very few. Ligitimate reasons might be an unsafe work environment, which poses a danger to you.
    Or, being asked to operate a piece of machinery which is defective or which you are not are trained to use. Or being asked to do something illegal. What does she mean by “hoistile.” If it was simply : “unfriendly”" then, she will not collect unemployment.

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