I’ve applied to countless jobs and never gotten to the interview process. I am a student and really need a job, but no one will hire me!

I think it may be because of my CV layout. I can’t post my current layout on here, due to obvious reasons.

Could someone who has been a successful job applicant tell me how their CV is laid out?

College say to write a paragraph about yourself, others say to keep it short and snappy, others say not to bother. I just don’t know and it’s so frustrating!

I have no work experience, as most places require previous work experience, but where am I supposed to get experience from if no one will hire me?!!

So I need my CV to look good.

I have good grades from school but it’s never enough!


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2 Responses to “Need help with CV(Curriculum Vitae)!?”

  1. Al Scusi says:

    Try asking your friends if you can look at their CV’s or if they can maybe save a template file of one.

    As for content that should vary according to the prospective employer. Try to show you have experience that shows you can work well without supervision, can be trusted with money, can count well etc…

    For experience you really need to get what you can. Do some work for a charity shop in return for a reference from them. See what other voluntary organisations might give you a little experience.

    If you show you are willing to get up and work then employers are more interested.

  2. Panterka says:

    Hey, don’t worry, you will find a job.

    I am not sure what your CV looks like right now, but I would recommend for you to use one of the Word Layouts. This are some examples proven with time. Feel free do modify it according to your needs and taste, but don’t go too far. Even though employers like creative people, they don’t really appreciate too much creativity with the layout…

    As for what to include in the CV – until you are 40, you better only take 1 page. But try to fill it in. I understand you don’t have much work experience, but believe me, the other applicant are not that far away from you – after all, you are not applying for a managerial position.

    Try to focus on your skills, education, personal qualities. Include your hobbies and interests. IT would be great if you play team sports – it shows that you can fit into the team. If you have good grades – you have to include that! Try to remember if you participated in some interesting studies or projects. Include that under the education section.

    Good luck to you!!!

    P.S. Never send your CV without a cover letter. Write a few paragraphs about yourself and why you are appliying to this position, and put it in the body of your e-mail message (if you are sending out your CV by mail, of course).