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Does an employer have a way of finding out employment history through SSS? Can SSS disclose such info to them?

In Philippines, an SSS member can see his/her employment history by logging in SSS website. Just wondering if this can be viewed by employers for background check? Can SSS give this info to them with the said purpose?

Thanks in advance!


What is legally allowed for an ex-employer to say to a new employer about your previous employment?

How much can a previous employer say about performance, why you left, and your position? I understand for most companies maintain the policy or the theory to get as much information as you can when inquiring about somebody, but give as little as possible when somebody calls to ask about a previous employee. What are the parameters of what they are allowed to say legally and in regards to liability? Does anyone in a Human Resource role know and how much gray area can occur?
I understand that they…


Do banks call your employer to verify your employment when opening a brokerage account?

Just wondering how they asked for the name and number of my employer.
So basically will my employer find out that I had this lump sum of money that I invested?

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How does an employer check your employment history?

Does he/she check your credit report?
If I use my former supervisor as a reference, will they just call the supervisor instead?

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How would you evade your present (vindictive) employer from seeing your internet job search?

The employer routinely checks the internet for Monster jobs and maybe others, I do not know. This would definitely be bad for me.

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What should I wear to a chat/interview over coffee with a prospective employer?

After applying for a job, I was invited by the prospective employer to meet at a coffee place for a ‘chat’. I have never done something like this before! What is appropriate attire? I am going to bring my work samples and copies of my resume like I’m going to a normal interview, but in this case, I’m unsure about the proper attire. Would a suit be overkill in this instance? Also, what can I expect from the part of the prospective employer? Thank you!

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When is the appropriate time to criticize your employer policies during employment or after resigning?

If you are trapped working in a company that changed many good practices to adverse ones, when is the right time to complain?

Sometimes, I read in some books or people saying that if you have complaints or anything against your employer’s policies you have to resign or leave the company first because that is showing no loyalty to your employer.

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How do I request for a cert. of employment to my current employer w/o them knowing I am looking for a job?

Certificate of employment must include current responsibilites, which I will use for assessment at Engineers Australia.

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Is the payslip confidential? Is normal to reveal our prev employment payslip to our possible future employer?

I don’t have much employment experience, that’s y i questioning this….
Because I feel like doing so is giving out the information of my previous company….more or less ,if my possible future employer reject me after I giving them those information, make me feel like being cheated.

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