Career Planning: How To Create A Resume For The First Time

There are many important stages in the career planning process, and each of them has to be taken properly. If you fail in passing one of them, you may fail the rest of your plan. Right now, the peculiarities of resume writing as one of the crucial steps in career planning will be discussed. Essence of resumes A resume is a document that represents a kind of summary of person’s job experience and gained knowledge for necessary employment search. Usually this document turns out to be important for potential employers.


Can you claim unemployment while working a part time job?

I currently have two jobs (one full time and one part time). My full time job may lay me off soon and I was wondering if I can claim unemployment if I kept my part time still. I only work 16 hours a week.


If I quit my job to go back to school full time, can I get paid unemployment from EDD?

I have been working 6 months as a CNA and want to start my LVN school next month. Is it possible to get unemployment if I quit my job and go to school? I have heard from a family member that this is.

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Can I collect unemployment if I lose my full time job and have a small side business?

A person loses his/her full time job and main source of income but has a small side business that generates part time income here and there. Can this person collect unemployment ?

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In the state of connecticut are you allowed to collect unemployment and still work a part time job?

Any information would be helpful. I am taking a voluntary layoff in February to help my company save money. I work a part time job in Massachusetts where I live. Can I still work there as well as collect an unemployment check?

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Part Time Jobs ? Most Appropriate For Students

These days one can find a wide range of part time jobs available for students. One can choose from them depending upon one’s area of interest and liking, schedule and demands. Earning while learning is what most of the students and youngsters can be found doing. These days the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to part time jobs is balancing between job and studies. Many students now a days can be found struggling hard to find a balance between family friend’s studies and jobs…


When is the appropriate time to criticize your employer policies during employment or after resigning?

If you are trapped working in a company that changed many good practices to adverse ones, when is the right time to complain?

Sometimes, I read in some books or people saying that if you have complaints or anything against your employer’s policies you have to resign or leave the company first because that is showing no loyalty to your employer.

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Can I still collect unemployment if I just got a part time job?

I was laid off from my full time job and qualified for unemployment. Now I just got a part time job, and it will more than likely lead into full time, and its for a wonderful company that Im sure will have allot of opportunities for me in the future. But I wont be able to get by on that job alone, and so I was wondering if now my unemployment checks will stop?
No more replies are needed as I have contacted the agency and have gotten the…


Can I collect unemployment if I get a part time job?

I was laid off from my full time job and have filed for unemployment. If I get a part time job elsewhere (because that’s all that is available), can I collect unemployment until I am able to find full time work? I am in California. Please don’t refer me to EDD, as I have already checked there.

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Episode 46 Part 3- How to know when enough is enough and its time for a change.

Hear how Joe knew.
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