Multiple Job career questions?

How do I become a host or get skills to become one like G4 for instance. I have no idea but I want to go to UC Santa Cruz or UC Davis to get some experience and what kind of job is it where you are surronded by celeberities and interview them and find out info( I don’t want to be those damn paparazzi people for National Inquirer or Enquirer or whatever; what kind of skills or coursework do I need. Any help is cool.

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How would one turn thier love of books, and reading into a job?

I am in short one of those people that love to read, I love books. It is normal to find me sitting somewhere in a book store with a stake of books around me trying to read them all and/or trying to find the money to buy them all. Right now i havea job that is killing me to say the lest, but i would love to spend the rest of my life around books. Can any help me find a way to find a job/career in or around books?…


what is the difference between work, job, profession, career and occupation?

work, job, occupation is part of a profession, and job and career??? i am so confused, i know there is a difference but im not sure what! plz help i need it for a business test :)
thnak you

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I’m interested in having a job/career where i get to help people all over the world.?

I don’t care if i have to stay in a foreign country for years and the pay doesnt have to be that great, Something like missionary work, sorta but i dont want to be teaching religion.

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Do you know of any nonprofit/social service job/career openings in Dayton, OH or surrounding areas?

I am willing to travel as far south as Cincy and as far north as Troy. Xenia or Springfield is cool too. I don’t have a bachelors yet, but I’m one year away from it. I prefer women’s issues or social services but I’m open to political (liberal) positions too. My background is in women’s studies and psychology and I have experience in chemical dependency and food service. I have my own transportation and my school schedule is flexible. I’m active in women’s issues and I hold leadership positions with…


i was charged for nontraffic summons in shoplifting with arrest and fine how it affect my life,job,career help

i was arrested, they even took photos and fingerprints and cop explained it remains in my record though he said they gave it under nontraffic summons…i have to pay fine on tuesday..shoplifting was of $115 in pennsylvania state..should i plead guilty or not guilty in court??will it remain for whole life on my records??will it affect on job, career, citizenship?? i have greencard..i made mistake n i m so angry on myself now..pls help if neone knows about pa laws and on information i gave u
yes i was…


How can someone figure out what job/career they would enjoy or be good at?

I’m not sure what to pursue in life. Is there any survey or questionnaire I can take to help me out. I just want to find out what job I would enjoy doing for 30 years. Can anyone please help me or guide me to the right path? if possible a free website I can check out.

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As for a job/career…What is this suitable for?

What type of work/job would this description fit?

Typing approx. 40 WPM
Basic knowledge of MS Word & Outlook Express
Basic knowledge of MS Picture It! 2000
Organized, neat, quick and hard working, friendly but not very outgoing and not good with phones.
1.5 years sales/shipment experience, 6 months light reception work.
No college course work completed, just highschool.

These are skills, not of me but a friend. Really. So in your opinion what type of work would she be good at? She’s 21, not…


What job/career should I pick??10 POINTS?

I want something that pays extremely well.
How did you choose yours??
Any help is apricated.
I will pick best anwser to most helpful :D
I would never go into the army.
sarahtrent1991 thanx for the links :D
Stripper… XD
I would rather marry a doctor than be
one lol
I will probaly just be a nurse like everyone else..
I do speak German too!
and im working on my spanish

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How can I locate a career counselor?

I recently made a job change that has turned out to be a huge mistake. I have given it a month. (I am 8 years into my career path) I really want to sit down with someone who can help me to re-evaluate my career path and help me to figure out what I need out of a job / career. I have tried the National Career Development Association (http://www.ncda.org/) but could not find anyone near where I live. Thank you for your help in advance.
I live in…


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