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how to write a curriculum vitae for mba job?

i need 2 know the correct format of cv for mba jobs.

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2 Responses to “how to write a curriculum vitae for mba job?”

  1. derdaktari says:

    the general answer is that there is no one ‘correct’ format for any type of CV.

    Isn’t there a career services department at your Uni that can help?

  2. Rosalin J says:

    Adopt a future-focused orientation with analysis of your interest areas, strengths and how these are going to help your perspective employer. The presentation of your information, the layout, and the language you use to communicate value are extremely important.

    There are only two things you can be sure a hiring manager will do when reviewing your CV:

    (1) Hiring managers will begin reviewing a CV by starting at the top, and they will read the lines from left to right.

    (2) Their first impression will have the greatest impact and will influence how they perceive you. It creates the lens through which all other information is filtered.

    Based on these principles, it is essential that the most relevant, important information be presented at the top and along the left side of your CV. The least important information should be at the bottom and along the right side.

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