Six Useful Tips on Working from Home

It’s never been easier, or more appealing, to work from home. The rise of online job boards and the massive range of freelance contracts available in every field of employment mean more people than ever are hoping to go it alone and freelance from home. Unfortunately, it is never as easy as people think it is going to be and despite the appeal of being your own boss and choosing your own hours there are some downsides and some things to bear in mind if you choose this style of…


The Exit Interview

When a romantic relationship comes to a screeching halt, you are often provided with a detailed list of everything you’ve done wrong. Forms of delivery vary; there’s the shouting match, where you can’t look your neighbours in the eye for six months following; there’s the scathing email, where your ex-partner explains in grave detail each of your scandalous failures; and finally the grapevine method, where a mutual friend recounts to you everything that’s been said behind your back.

On the contrary, when a professional relationship comes to a halt,…


Newly Licensed Nurses Have a Tough Time Finding Employment

Many California nurses (who had graduated with the proper accreditations to work as licensed nurses) in the last 18 months claimed they had not been able to find their first job. This information is based on a 4th quarter 2011 study carried out by the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC).

Recently graduated RNs (registered nurses) looking for work continues to plague the job market. After many years investing in developing the labor force and expanding academic training nationwide, the economic crisis still affects employment and…


Support Your Family and Your Job Search

While you are searching for the job you deserve, use the time to become an expert domestic money manager.  Your unemployment benefits should last you at least 26 weeks, paying approximately 60 percent of your most recent salary. Prepare an accurate, up-to-date family budget, putting it all on paper in bold colors. Then, carefully, cold-heartedly sort essential expenses from discretionary spending, cutting extravagances, luxuries and indulgences. When you feel confident you have eliminated every needless expense, then work the following steps to effectively manage your finances while job searching.



3 Methods for Finding a Job Through Temp Agencies

Is the weakness of your local economy making it hard to find a job? Perhaps there are some jobs available in your area, but none of them draw on your special training or the specific degree you have. If it is hard to find something career-wise that fits your needs, consider trying a temporary job agency for assistance. These agencies provide workforce management solutions for both employers looking to fill vacant positions, and would-be employees seeking work. Temp agencies have lots of different kinds of jobs available, so there is…


Applicant Tracking: What’s Good and What Needs Improvement?

Most companies today are using some type of applicant tracking technology to make the recruiting process easier. As with most technologies, however, companies have some things they really like about ATS and others that they wish would be better.

A survey from Batrus Hollwegg International unveiled exactly what it is that companies like and what they wish would be different. The answers aren’t all that surprising, with ease of use and general intuitiveness at the top of the list for most involved.

The survey asked HR leaders in the hospitality,…


Why Do You Need An Emergency Fund?

As the cost of living rises, so job security appears to be on the wane with many workers going about their everyday lives with the sword of Damocles hanging over them. But how many in this position are actually prepared for the worst?

It’s impossible to put a figure on how many people have actually saved for a rainy day but it is worth asking the question: Why do you need an emergency fund?

Why you need an emergency fund

It may be that you are currently getting along…


A Plan For Young Adults Without A Plan

What are your career plans? If you don’t know what you want to do, you’re not alone. Many young adults are just marking time with a job, maybe just a part-time job until the economy gets better. Thousands have moved back in with parents because they can’t afford to support themselves. If this sounds familiar, you may be missing a golden opportunity. Even if you don’t know what career you want to pursue or can’t envision graduating from college, you should at least sign up for classes at your local…


Time to Quit My Job and Travel the World

Have you ever sat at work and seriously considered packing it all and doing something more interesting with your life instead? I am pretty sure that every single person in the world has thought about living out their dreams at least once.

In my case, I have spent the last few months day dreaming about throwing my resignation letter onto my boss’s desk and heading off into the sunset with nothing but a giant rucksack on my back and a Swiss Army knife in my pocket. When I am feeling…


5 Tips to Help You Plan Your Retirement

Some people don’t have to plan for retirement. People who are fabulously wealthy don’t have to plan for retirement. People who win enormous lottery jackpots don’t have to plan for retirement. People who will inherit large fortunes don’t have to plan for retirement. But if you’re reading this you probably aren’t a wealthy tycoon, lottery winner or future heir.

So, you’re going to have to develop and execute a retirement plan. If you’re like most people you probably don’t know where to start. Below are five tips to help…


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