Do You Know When You Should Quit Your Job?

Working in a job you are not happy with is a miserable existence. If you have to deal every day with a grumpy, unreasonable or bullish boss, chances are you’ve already fantasised about your very public and dramatic resignation with relish, imagining that you would be a hero amongst your colleagues and a legend in the office for years to come.

Whilst a big, brash exit from your job might seem like a fun thing to do, in reality having the last word might not be all it’s cracked up…


Resigning Gracefully From Your Job

Life happens and at some point you may need to leave your current job. Whatever the reason, it is advisable to not burn bridges by resigning in a graceful manner and with connections intact. In this informative and interesting article we look at some ways in resigning from work gracefully whatever the reasons.

1. Resigning

The first step of reassigning is actually communicating that you will be resigning. The best way in which to do this is in a formal resigning letter via email. Be professional, concise and keep it…


You’ve Been Laid Off! Now What?

Millions of Americans have been laid off over the last few years, something that can be gut-wrenching and traumatizing. So what should you do if you are downsized? Here are some steps you can take in the immediate aftermath of being pink-slipped:

Find out what you may be entitled to from your employer in an exit package

Some companies may offer some sort of severance; others may just pay you for unused leave time. Some may not offer anything, other than agreeing not to contest your unemployment claim. You may…


Should You Bother with Childcare Training and Certification?

Being a nanny or childcare proivder is a great job for you if you’re a new high school graduate, or just looking to change jobs. There will always be a demand for childcare and that demand will continue to grow as the economy gets back on track.

This job doesn’t require any licensing, only because none exists. However, you can demonstrate that you do indeed take your job seriously, which increases your chance of finding a good family to care for. The most well trained caregivers will find the best…


Top 10 Tips to Become More Efficient at Work

With the boss constantly breathing down your neck and the in-tray filling up at a constant rate it makes sense to look at ways of working smarter instead of harder. Life is becoming more rushed and stressed every day and it is important to find ways of maximising your time at the office. No one wants to spend 12 hour days at work, especially when you could get things done during normal working hours. Fortunately there are some simple guidelines that will help you become more efficient.

1. Make a


Three Scenarios to Consider Temporary Employment

There are many situations wherein someone would want a non-traditional job, and temporary staffing agencies are the perfect place to find those. Whether you want to browse a number of different jobs or are specifically looking for a legal temp agency, there are many options available.

Do you think you may be interested in finding a short-term job? Here are three different scenarios in which these atypical contracts can work to your benefit.

1. You are retired and want a lighter workload.

One of…


5 Job Tips For Introverts in the Workplace

Being an introvert does not need to be a negative trait in the workplace. Just as an extrovert has specific talents, introverts do as well. One issue that introverts face is that extroverts make themselves seen and heard typically more often than do introverts. The key for introverts in the job place is to get yourself seen and heard, as well as express your talents to management. There are five job tips for introverts in the workplace that can help introverts succeed in doing so.

Make Yourself Heard

Meetings and…


Top 5 Ways to Clean up Your Digital Dirt and Land that Dream Job

Employers are now checking social media accounts before hiring people. With a quick search on recruiter positions, you’ll see one of the job requirements is familiarity with social media so the recruiter can scan a candidate’s profile before offering them a position.

If you have a social media presence on the Web then consider cleaning up your profile before you go looking for that new job.

Here are the top tips you’ll need to get that profile of yours in tip-top shape.

1. Visit Google and type in your name…


Don’t Let Your Boss Pick On You

Thought bullying was something that only children faced on the school playground? Believe it or not, a large percentage of adult Americans suffer emotionally, physically and mentally at the hands of those they work for. In a study released by the Workplace Bullying Institute, more than 35% of all employees in the United States have been exposed to some form of bullying.

Here, we address some common questions about bullying in a work environment:

What exactly is “workplace bullying”?

Workplace bullying occurs when a boss tactfully humiliates an employee. A…


Seeking Employment in Australia

At the moment, Australia is experiencing major skills shortages, especially in the resources and healthcare sectors. If you have the right skill set and are suitably qualified, why not consider seeking employment in Australia? It has a high standard of living, and a number of its cities were voted ‘most livable’ in the world last year (The Economist 2011). However, before launching a job search, some forward planning and flexibility are needed. Here are five steps to assist you.

Step 1: Do you qualify?

The Australian government has pre-determined which…


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