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What kind of career job would be good for me?

I’m still a teenager under the driving age but right now I want to know what kind of job would be good for me later when I’m an adult..just so I can take classes that are related to it.

I like to entertain people, I had looked onto acting and got into an advanced drama class- but then I realized how much of a burden it’s going to be when I’m gonna try to get money. Another thing that I enjoy doing is being the leader, I like to be the head of things..but I try not to get pushy. I have great imagination and creativity, according to other people besides me…and also a lot of enthusiasm mixed in with drama.

I also like giving a lot of advice..even though sometimes it may not help. I also have a tendancy to critique things, likr giving my friends make overs just for the fun of it. I like fashion too, and I’m a pretty good photoshopper! I’ve been on it for about 3 years now?

I know that was a big jumbled up mess I had typed there but I really need to find out some good choices. Plz+Thx

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3 Responses to “What kind of career job would be good for me?”

  1. Laura says:

    Try the US Air Force…..”tops in blue” (entertainers) it’s pretty awesome…give it a try!

  2. Man of Stone says:

    Well, you could seek a degree in business management. A lot of what you like seems to guide you into being a manager.

  3. IWearWhatIWear says:

    business management could do you good. or HRM.

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