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Fax Cover Letters: Alive And Kicking

Fax cover letters may seem non-existent in the trend of job hunting today, but it is actually a contingency and an alternative to snail mail and email. If you want the speedy quality of emailing and the hard copy feature of snail mails, fax cover letters are definitely the way to go. Few people prefer the faxing of cover letters. But some companies explicitly state the use of fax in sending cover letters. This, for them, is an efficient and quick way to get applicant information without the slowness of snail mail and the very difficult to filter applicants via email. If you have other means of sending in your application, do them. Though the fax cover letter seems lucrative, it is still not as reliable as all the other means of sending in your cover letter.

If you are looking for a job, you cannot miss certain information about fax cover letters that may be your ticket to getting that job you have always wanted. If you are a really resourceful job applicant, you will exhaust and harness all means or ways possible to get the best job you can ever have. This includes the use of fax for sending in your cover letters. You cannot just pass up a good job opportunity just because you did not have the capability to adjust to this type of requirement some companies do have for their applicants.

Basic rules for cover letters apply for fax cover letter. Keep it all neat and in black ink. Be as brief as possible, but do not compromise quality or the sufficiency of facts to help you be in their shortlist, if not on top of their list of applicants for interview. When making your cover letter for fax, you should proofread before you submit your cover letter. Check for typos or grammatical errors. You must also be checking the spacings and the layout of your cover letter.

Make sure that all facts in your fax cover letter is something you can attest to in person. Do not brag too much or stuff in huge blocks of text. Keep it brief and catchy enough to render you an interview for the job or at least a fighting chance amidst other applicants. Keep a copy, and ask for confirmation of receipt of your cover letter in any form. A resume may be faxed along with the cover letter, but you can also have it sent separately via email or snail mail.

You must also ensure that the fax cover letter was sent by doing follow up through email or snail mail. A phone call may also be an option. Sometimes, fax machines have these glitches and you just have to make sure that your cover letter gets through. If in case that your cover letter became part of an electronic glitch, have a backup copy of your cover letter and be willing to send them through other means.

When sending in your fax, address your fax cover letter properly to the right person and number to avoid misdirections. Make sure that the fax number you are sending it to is correct and ready to receive your messages. Send it at prime office hours and not during lunch break to ensure that it gets received. Follow up through another fax letter is also possible.

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