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how do you write a resume for your first job?

I am going to apply for a job at gloria jeans but I don’t know what to put in my resume as I had never had a job before. what do i do?

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4 Responses to “how do you write a resume for your first job?”

  1. theanswerman says:

    Usually jobs like that don’t really require a resume if it’s just retail sales. But you can list your personal information, your education, any volunteer things you may have done in the past. Your career goals, personal references. Have you never worked for money before? Anything? Babysitting, mowing lawns anything? If this is truly your first job and it’s appropriate for your age then they’ll understand.

  2. Nikki says:

    You should include any volunteer work you have done, extracurricular activities in school, awards you have received, special skills, and classes you have taken that would help qualify you for the job. For your references, ask a couple of your teachers if they mind being contacted and use them as your professional references, and find a couple responsible friends with jobs to use as personal references.
    Good luck!

  3. Diana B says:

    Get samples from the web, like or simply search “resume samples.” If its a first job, don’t worry that you won’t have lots to put on there; but do show that you are making an attempt at being professional and thorough and they will be impressed. Focus on education and accomplishments that show you go above and beyond: good grades, volunteering during school, traveling abroad, second language, etc. Stay away from personal things but team sports are always good. Or something unique like “bird watching” (if its true). It will make you stick out and they’ll remember you.

  4. Hairy says:

    First, ask your parents. They’ve done it before I assure you.

    But if you want to do it on your own,

    First, you should write a letter to the company, which to attach to the front of your resume. It should go something as follows…

    Your home address

    The Manager (or whoever you are to contact)
    The companies address

    To the manager (or whoever you are to contact)
    My name is ——– ———- and I am applying for the position of —- —— at your store. I am excited about taking the next step into the work force and look forward to hearing from you.


    Sign here

    —– ——(print name here)
    your phone number

    Remember to keep it short and sweet. They see hundreds of these every job they advertise and they don’t want an essay

    Now for your actual resume.

    at the top it should say RESUME

    then your…

    Name (IN BOLD)
    Phone number (IN BOLD)

    Age ( you don’t need to give DOB)

    Education (name of secondary school; the subjects you studied
    and any other training you may have had)

    Computer skills (list all software you are familiar with)

    Interests/ Hobbies (include around 5 to 8 subjects)

    Don’t give any grades and don’t put in any awards or prizes unless given to you by the government for achievement in something academic
    (they don’t give a rats if you come first in the school spelling bee or won the scouts badge for knot ties)
    If they want to know other stuff they will ask

    On the next page…
    You should have your references(people to verify who you are). Use 2 to 3 people. They cannot be family or relatives. Use people from a professional background if possible and from different types of businesses. Your parents friends are good, so are your neighbours. Any doctors, lawyers, accountants, emergency personnel, any one people trust. Make sure you ask their permission first.

    All it needs to say is…

    At the top of the page REFERNCES

    their name their phone number
    their name their phone number

    When you go for the interview, make sure you know which days you are available and what hours. Be honest about it. If you have other activities(such as sports or hobbies) you do when they need you to work, tell them. They will understand that your life doesn’t revolve around coffee. Wear some thing comfortable and casual and a little trendy if your care about that sort of thing(you’re not going for an office job). take it easy on the jewellery( no bangles or long neklaces or dangling earings) they want it simple and compact if any at all because you will make less noise, you don’t gingle and there is less chance of something falling into food or drink.

    Relax and enjoy the ride.