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Effective Cover Letters – Secrets to Writing Great Cover Letters and Landing That Job!

If you want to learn the secrets of effective cover letters, then this article was written for you. Specifically, we’re going to look at how to make your letter stand out, how important this part of your application really is, and why you should consider using a template.

Let’s start by talking about how important it is for you to stand out. Chances are, your potential employers are going to see a lot of cover letters, and most of them will just be glanced over without a second thought. So you need to make yours attention grabbing. Make sure they can’t just forget you!

This doesn’t mean you should lie, though. There’s really no need either – lying is counter productive. Instead, put yourself in their shoes – what would grab your attention in a good way?

Next, you need to realize how important the your letter really is. You see, most people think it’s just a formality. But they couldn’t be further from the truth if they tried. Your letter is the first impression you make – it sets the scene for reading your resume. The hiring manager is busy, and is probably not having fun reading through dozens of boring, generic cover letters. Make sure your one isn’t a chore to read.

Finally, let’s talk about using templates. You see, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel. It’s fine to use a template. Don’t make it obvious, though – by using a boring generic template with no additional thought or effort put into it. If you’re a good writer, then you should write your own letter. But if you’re not, take the initiative and find a good cover letter template to work from.

In this day and age it’s hard enough to get a new job. Don’t make it harder for yourself by not putting some effort into this crucial aspect of your application.

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