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December home sales DOWN 17 percent, 19000 New York City LAYOFFS?

Bloomberg warns of 19000 layoffs if state cuts aid December home sales down nearly 17 percent Verizon to Cut 13000 Jobs as Businesses Reduce Lines Home Depot to cut 1000 jobs, shut three stores Johnson & Johnson sales climb, but profit falls on big charge Head of Davos security dead, police suspect suicide 100-year-old granny dies day after gets BA
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25 Responses to “December home sales DOWN 17 percent, 19000 New York City LAYOFFS?”

  1. mac163 says:

    @DEMCAD Argentina recovered not by rich countries but by exports of wheat,grains livestock, etc and by the imposition of import tariffs for the industrial sector which was decimated during the 90¨s.

  2. nmssis says:

    D, if you get the chance pls read The Rise of the Fourth Reich and would like to hear your comment on it.

  3. martinez358 says:

    demcad is awwesome.dude u should have ur own show,or there could bmore pt.s of view like u.interesting compilation.

  4. craig4252 says:

    I went to college with several guys who were getting degrees because in their middle years they had become fairly successful and felt it was finally time they could go back and knock it out. It wasn’t going to help their careers along but they just wanted to do it. By and large, they were very good students and I respected them a lot.

  5. craig4252 says:

    Locking in to a fixed rate loan now in a house where you intend to live is a great idea for anyone who can budget it. When inflation starts going through the roof, people who can qualify for mortgages(many won’t) will be paying over 8%. Even 10-12% is realistic.

  6. Straightsix76 says:

    no longer a ‘recession’–never has been IMO, it’s a DEPRESSION

  7. mildred80 says:

    Bloomberg is a CHEAP S.O.B we should have never let that bastard change the term limits. He claimed he could create jobs ??????? what a liar

  8. YaniqueMarsh says:

    That lady harriet is such an inspiration,i am so proud of her…….This lady has held on long enought to do the one thing that she as always wanted to do, now she will be able to happily rest in peace……no unfinish business.

  9. victoryalways says:

    I am very sad to hear about all of these jobs that are just going away. It is not getting better it sounds like it is getting much worse. As usually our government has lied to us. It does not matter if they are Democrats or Republicans they sleep in the same bed. I wish people would truly get that. The Elite who do not care about the Americans.

  10. ApacheGruntX2 says:

    405 470 4416

  11. Anothercoilgun says:

    You get education and a degree for a purpose not just to say you have one. Crazy lady. I bet she will owe loans 30 years after her death.

  12. ArswawWorldofWarcraf says:

    Geeze, if these corrupt politicians would stop lying about the economic crisis and do something to help instead of spending like crazy.

  13. 48weld says:

    210 people just recieved layoff notices from a glass plant here in Tulsa.

  14. johnnybravo234 says:

    We are not in a “recession” or “recovery.” This is a DEPRESSION and it’s only the beginning.

  15. blackjacksimple1 says:

    8500 teachers laid off. if there is a 30 to 1 student to teacher ratio thats 240000 kids without a teacher. So much for no child left behind.

  16. MUSEWIC73 says:

    I heard recently it took the US about 200 years to accumilate $1 trilion national debt,this happened in 1981.

    You have to be blind or stupid or both to not see what is happening since 81, bubbles,various bubbles have been inflated & popped to keep the so called ‘American Dream’ alive,each bubble however is bigger than the other,the last & final bubble will be the US debt itself,when will it pop?pays your money & takes your choice,but i expect it won’t be too many years down the road.


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    De Beers:


    Eighty per cent of the world’s diamond market is controlled by De Beers, who in their turn are controlled by the Oppenheimer family.

    The value of diamonds is regulated by the supply of “rough” allowed on to the market, and not because diamonds are rare


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  19. your1stopshop says:

    Right on Reg keep digging up the good stuff.

  20. smokesignals2012 says:

    amerikkka Is DONE… DONE… DONE Son ! So what’d ya think of that purple-Lipped-Telleprompter-promising ,Kenyan-born Puppet- CEO’s Speech last night?

  21. vawt1953 says:

    I hear that
    new law should be they don’t get paid until they have a balanced budget

  22. sealhunter5 says:

    NY should eliminate ALL Politician wages!! FIRST !

    Why is it ok to lose a taxpayer job And it is devastating to lose a tax-based job public job!

  23. tooMUCHmexico says:

    By 2040 over 89% of the population in the US will live in hostel/campus type of facilities. <——– includes blacks and whites, descendants of original stock.

    So heed the advice.

  24. tooMUCHmexico says:

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  25. tooMUCHmexico says:

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