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What do I include in a fax cover sheet when faxing a cover letter/resume?

I manipulated a Microsoft Word template to include the following:

FAX (in large bold print – is this really necessary it is part of the template?)

Left side of table:
To: (their name)
Fax: (their fax number)
Re: (name of open position)
Pages: (don’t worry I counted the cover sheet)

Right side of table (so my name is across from the “To: name”)
From: (Me)
Phone: (my phone)
Date: (the date, duh)

I deleted the comments part, do I need to include that? If so what do I write in there???

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One Response to “What do I include in a fax cover sheet when faxing a cover letter/resume?”

  1. Brown Eyed Girl ;) says:

    Create your own letter head centered on the top of the page -

    Your name
    Street address
    Telephone #
    E-mail address

    Via: Facsmile (enter fax #)


    Dear (Mr. or Mrs. last name). If you don’t know who it should go to address it to “Whom it May Concern”:

    I respectfully request that you consider me for the (enter position name) position that you have available at the (location), posted on your website/newspaper (or wherever your found the position).

    I have enclosed a copy of my resume which highlights my experience. I believe that my experience will make me an ideal candidate for this position. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


    (sign your name)