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Good Cover Letters – Tips For How to Write Killer Cover Letters Easily

If you want to learn the skills for writing a good cover letter, then this article will show you how.

Learning what I’m about to show you will allow you to write clear, focused cover letters designed to capture the attention of prospective employers. Remember that the average application gets 20 to 30 seconds of attention should impress upon you the need to write concise and efficient sentences.

The basic rules for how to write a killer cover letters that will help you to land that job are few. If applied consistantly, you will develop a knack for including detailed, intriguing information in the limited format of a cover letter – it just takes a little practice.

Writing a powerful job-getting letter boils down to writing perfectly spelled, grammatically correct, compelling statements containing information not given elsewhere.

Your letter need only be one page consisting of 3 to 4 paragraphs which contain the details of why you are applying to work for that company in the position being applied for, how your experience or knowledge fills the criteria they have given for the job, and how you will be following up on the submission of your resume.

Practice limiting the main paragraph of your cover letter to 25 words. It is considered best to only use ‘Sincerely’ as a closing for the cover letter and always follow up in the manner given in the letter.

Customize the letter with company names, job titles and your specific skill sets that match the job requirements. Don’t forget to use the name of whomever referred you to them. Avoid the form letter tone by using details. This is the key to writing a good cover letter.

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