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how do i write my curriculum vitae? please show me.?

I found a new job, they said I should provide my curriculum vitae, and I do not know how to write it. I want to know how to write it. please show me how to write it.

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  1. harchickgirl1 says:

    A curriculum vitae, or CV, is the same as a resumé.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of stuff to go on the CV. A young person isn’t expected to have a long CV.

    The most important thing is to present it neatly and with everything spelled correctly. Ask someone to proofread it before you hand it in.

    It looks like this:

    Your Name

    Your Address
    Your Phone Numbers
    Your Email Address


    Office Assistant, Business Department, Thomastown University, Washington DC, USA, 2006-2007.
    Conducted simple research tasks, created Microsoft Word and Excel documents and answered student queries.

    Customer Service Representative, Target, Washington, DC, USA, 2004-2006.
    Responsible for directing customers, ringing up purchases, handling money and re-stocking.


    Bachelor of Commerce, Thomastown University, Washington DC, USA, 2007.
    Studied marketing, advertising and international finance.

    Diploma, Jackie Robinson High School, Washington DC, USA, 2003.
    Grade Point Average 3.4, participated in debating and championship soccer team.


    [these are the people who can vouch for your responsible behaviour in school and on the job - delete this sentence]

    Mr. R. Smith
    Supervisor, Target
    Washington, DC 20076
    Phone: (503) 956-2572

    Ms. L. Dickson
    Grade 12 Teacher
    Jackie Robinson High School
    Washington, DC 20186
    Phone: (503) 987-2002

  2. Grateful says:

    They all differ. Try google or this:

    Date of Birth:




    •Great communication skills
    •Excellent mathematical skills
    •Can competently use Microsoft Suite including Word, Publisher, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Movie Maker

    REFEREES (with contact information

  3. mtnglo says:

    Curriculum Vita

    When most job postings ask for a resume, the implication is that they want a chronological or functional resume — one page long, work experience, all that jazz.

    But some jobs out there — especially in the education and research fields — require a curriculum vita (CV).

    CVs are not resumes. Commonly used among academics in the U.S., CVs are much more comprehensive than resumes. A CV lists almost every work-related accomplishment you’ve ever had, from papers published to presentations given to classes taught to awards won. In short, they’re long. Some CVs extend over 30 pages.

    CVs for non-education related fields are sometimes used in other countries. In Europe, for example, CVs are generally accepted for everyday jobs. In the U.S., however, you should never send a CV unless the job ad specifically asks for one.

    Click here to download a free CV template & to read advice.

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